On the construction of the pattern of “one vertical, one horizontal, two links and three key points” in Luoyang

One vertical and one horizontal pattern of tourism development

One vertical and one horizontal tourism development pattern is based on the geographical location of each tourism node and the idea of combining natural tourism resources with human tourism resources. Mengjin County, Luoyang City, Yichuan County, Songxian County and Luanchuan county can be connected by a vertical line. On this vertical line, the city mainly develops cultural tourism. Suburban counties are mainly based on natural sightseeing resources, and the combination of urban and rural tourism development can increase the attraction of Luoyang area and the number of stay days of tourists in Luoyang. Luoyang urban area, Luoning County, Yiyang County and Yanshi City can be connected by a horizontal line, with the same basic idea as the vertical line. Luoning County and Yiyang County are rich in landscape resources, and close to Luoyang urban area After experiencing the rich and long history and culture, tourists can also enjoy the beautiful natural scenery at a close distance.

Tourism development pattern of the two rings

Luanchuan County, Ruyang County, Songxian County and Luoning County are all around Funiu Mountain, and they are famous for their landscape tourism resources. Around the development strategy of Funiu Mountain Ecotourism, we can strive to build a central plains tourist attraction. On this ring line, we mainly develop ecotourism and holiday tourism, and the market is mainly urban residents and students; Xin’an County, Yiyang County, Mengjin County and Yanshi City are all around the city, and the city and Yan The Division has a large number of cultural tourism resources, Xinan County, Yiyang County and Mengjin County are rich in natural tourism resources, Huaguoshan National Forest Park, Cherry Valley, Xiaolangdi water conservancy project of the Yellow River and Daimei Grand Canyon and other famous scenic spots have the basis for carrying out natural tourism. If the various tourism nodes on this ring line can be combined, it will open up a broad tourism market.

Key development areas

1 Luoyang City

According to the distribution of scenic spots in Luoyang City, the city can be divided into six areas: Baima temple, the ancient city of Han and Wei Dynasty, Longmen Grottoes economic and cultural area, Laoji recreation and commercial and cultural tourism area, Zhongzhou Middle Road commercial and cultural area, Luoyang New Area Leisure and entertainment tourism area and central museum tourism area.

(1) Baima temple, the cultural tourism area of the old city of Han and Wei Dynasties

The ancient city of Han and Wei dynasties of Baima temple is planned and developed as a whole, the “Indian style Buddhist temple” of Baima temple is opened, the scale of the temple is expanded, the protection of the site of the ancient city of Han and Wei dynasties is accelerated, and the cultural tourism area of the ancient city of Han and Wei dynasties with Baima temple, Yongning Temple and Lingtai Taiji temple as the main tourist spots is formed. A Buddhist culture museum can be built near Baima temple to show the origin of Chinese Buddhist culture, highlight Luoyang’s “source of interpretation” position in the history of Chinese Buddhism and bright Buddhist works of art. The museum can also cooperate with Baima temple to carry out Buddhist research tourism, or hold international large-scale Buddhist celebration activities. Some of the cultural allusions can be used now Modern image technology or clay sculpture, painting and other forms to show visitors.

(2) Longmen Grottoes economic and Cultural Zone

It is necessary to deeply explore the cultural connotation of Longmen Grottoes economic and cultural tourism area, build it into a comprehensive economic and cultural tourism area integrating leisure, sightseeing, vacation, culture, entertainment, leisure and hot spring health, and improve the service function of 5A level tourism area. We should speed up the development of Dongshan, Xiangshan and Baiyuan scenic spots, and change the situation that most tourists only visit Xishan in the scenic spots. In addition, the beautiful night view of Longmen Grottoes can be developed as night tourism resources, and some cultural entertainment programs can be added to enrich the night life of tourists.

(3) Laoji recreational commercial and cultural tourism area and Zhongzhou Middle Road commercial and cultural area

For Laoji recreational commercial and cultural tourism area, efforts should be made to build a brand similar to Wangfujing tourist shopping street in Beijing. Laoji has an old street, building, characteristic restaurants, and now it has built octagonal building, Century Lianhua and other shopping centers, which can develop recreational commercial and cultural tourism area. There are department store shopping center, Wangfujing shopping mall, xinduhui shopping plaza, Carrefour shopping mall, Runfeng building and other shopping places in the middle of Zhongzhou Road, which can also be developed into a recreational commercial and cultural tourism area.

(4) Luonan New Area Leisure and entertainment tourism area

In recent years, Luonan new area has gradually developed, not only in infrastructure, but also in service facilities. With the beautiful geographical environment and various facilities of Luonan new area, such as Yaxiang Jinling Hotel, moludu Hotel, music fountain, large gymnasium and colleges and universities, Luonan new area has been developed into a leisure and entertainment tourism area.

(5) Museum area

On the one hand, there are many museums in the center of Luoyang, which provide unique conditions for the development of museum tourism. The development of museum tourism can not only let tourists experience the 5000 year history of Luoyang, but also achieve the purpose of science education. On the other hand, the three landmark buildings of the palace city of the eastern capital of the Tang Dynasty, Yingtianmen, Tiantang and Mingtang (Tongtian Palace), can be rebuilt in the north of Jiudu Road flyover, and on both sides of Dingding road in the South and North.

2 Songxian and Luanchuan tourist areas

As the types of tourism resources of Song County and Luanchuan are similar, they can be combined to develop into a tourism area with Funiu Mountain as the main body, and Baiyun Mountain National Forest Park, Longyuwan National Forest Park, jiguandong scenic area, Tianchi mountain forest scenic area and other core scenic areas as the main body, highlighting ecological tourism, mountain summer resort and hot spring vacation Advantage. At the same time, we should pay attention to improving the level of tourism products, making jiguandong and Longyuwan scenic areas stronger and bigger, and pay attention to the development of tourism products of Laojunshan. In addition, many scenic spots in Luanchuan have the value of geological science popularization. We can show the deep geological wonders of Luanchuan by establishing Luanchuan World Geopark Museum in Funiu Mountain, developing tourism mascots and souvenirs of geopark, and improving the quality of scenic spots.

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