Wasting time on traffic? Find unsatisfactory hotel? Attractions are not fun?

If you want to understand the rise and decline through ancient and modern times, you may find your answer here in Luoyang City.

Luoyang is a magical fertile land that has gone through the washing of time, with a long history, magnificent mountains and rivers. and a splendid civilization both in ancient and modern days. Here was once the starting point of the Silk Road, the center of the Grand Canal and the place where China originated.

Luoyang, Jerusalem, Mecca and Athens are named the Four Holy Cities of the world.

The mountains and rivers in Heluo region bred the earliest eastern civilization. Throughout the 5,000 years 13 dynasties including Xia, Shang, Zhou, Eastern Han and other dynasties had founded their capitals in Luoyang. The 105 emperors have made their own strategies here to govern the country. One-third of the five thousand years of civilization in China is centered in Luoyang.

The city has witnessed the flourishing of Confucianism, the prosperity of Buddhism, the accomplishment of metaphysics and the beginning of Neo-Comfucianism. It fully deserves the title of “the source of the Chinese civilization”. Time has made the city of Luoyang a living museum with the glory of the Chinese civilization shining through the history.


Bai juyi (1) Car Rental (1) China War God (1) Dingdingmen (3) Dried Lacquer Statues (1) Erlitou Site Museum (1) Fengxian Temple (1) Guanlin Temple (2) Guanyu (1) Heluo Culture (1) Kung Fu (3) Lijingmen (1) Longmen Grottoes (49) luoyang (5) Luoyang Ancient Art Museum (2) Luoyang Museum (32) luoyang old street (1) Luoyang Peony Festival (45) Luoyang Restaurant (6) Luoyang Shovel (1) luoyang tourism (23) Mingtang (13) Pagoda Forest (8) Qiyun Pagoda (1) Shaolin Temple (30) Sui Dynasty (1) Tang Dynasty (3) Tiantang (3) Water Banquet (1) White Garden (1) White Horse Temple (21) Wu Zetian (3) Xia Dynasty Capital (1) Xiangshan Temple (3) Yingtianmen (2) Yongning Pagoda (1) Yuntai Mountain (29)

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