Yuntaishan mountain also has these entertainment projects,Don’t say I didn’t tell you

In addition to the beautiful memories brought by mountains and rivers, you can also fully experience the happiness of Taiji, macaque, bamboo raft and speedboat in Yuntai mountain.

A. Taijiquan performance

Taijiquan was first created by Chen Wangting. It has been handed down from generation to generation in Chenjiagou. It is well known to all children of Chen style, old and young. Chenjiagou’s people are more and more prosperous, and the practice of Taijiquan is also more and more prosperous. Later waves push forward the former waves, and there are famous boxers in all generations. In the past three hundred years, after the continuous enrichment and development of Chen’s descendants and their disciples, Taijiquan has become one of the important boxing types in China. In order to meet the tourists’ desire to visit the birthplace of Taijiquan, Yuntai Mountain set up a free Taijiquan performance.

Chen’s Taijiquan performance items and schedule

Long and timely performance

12-13 minutes for one person along laojia Road

Two way, one person, 2-3 minutes

56 style 1 person 5-6 minutes

Taiji sword single sword 1 person 3-4 minutes

Combination sword 3-4 people 3-4 minutes

Taiji gun 1 person 3-4 minutes

Taiji sword 1 person for 30 seconds

Taiji push hands 2-3 minutes

Chen’s group Taijiquan 4-5 people 5 minutes

Performance time: 9:00 10:00 11:00 am

14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 PM

About half an hour (free) each.

Venue: xiaozhaigou square

B. Macaque performance

Yuntai Mountain was approved as a national Macaque Nature Reserve by the State Council in August 1998. There are a large number of wild macaque communities in the scenic area. Taihang macaque, which belongs to primate monkey family in evolutionary system, is a national second-class protected animal. Because the Taihang macaque lives in a cold climate

The northernmost group of macaques, surrounded by steep mountains, has a large population, strong body, long hair and short tail, is good at climbing, likes jumping, quick action, beautiful body and strong imitation. It is the most evolved one among macaques, with high scientific research value, economic value and value of appreciation.

Macaque performance items and time

Performance items:

  1. Military training
  2. Ingenious flying knife
  3. Legal Education
  4. Cart, ball show
  5. Ancient opera performance

Performance time: 9:00 10:00 11:00 am

14:00 15:00 16:00 PM (free)

Venue: macaque Valley

C. Yuntai Mountain Festival

Activities of viewing waterfalls in Yuntai Mountain

Time: August September

Location: Yuntai Mountain Scenic Spot

Activity content: highlight the 314m drop of Yuntai mountain waterfall, which is the highest in Asia. By organizing the waterfall watching ceremony, Yuntai mountain waterfall watching activities with awards are set up to give the participants a strong visual shock.

Double Ninth Festival

Time: September 9 of the lunar calendar

Location: Yuntai Mountain Scenic Spot

Activity content: activity of climbing dogwood peak

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