Recommend the best way to travel according to your destination

Help to prioritize sustainability for your trip with full consideration of your itinerary and tour sites you would love to visit.

Recommend the best local way to travel, be it bike, motorbike, foot, auto-rickshaw, taxi, or bus;

Per tour site in suburb area, to rely on a bus is better or rent a car (We can offer the service).

Feel free to email us for any questions about Traveling in Luoyang.

Luoyang Car Rental Price Reference

Model SeatsCar Price Driver Price
Volkswagen Lavida or similar4¥ 300/Day
$ 42/day
¥ 300/Day
$ 42/day
Buick GL or similar5¥ 450/Day
$ 64/day
¥ 300/Day
$ 42/day
Toyota Coster or similar10-22¥ 650/Day
$ 90/day
¥ 350/Day
$ 49/day
Yutong Luxury Tourist Bus33-60¥ 800/Day
$ 115/day
¥ 450/Day
$ 62/day


Q: If the international driving license can be allowed to use in China Mainland?

A: We are sorry to inform you international driving license can not be used in China Mainland.

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