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If you want to travel like a local, start your journey by staying with locals. Hotels offer comfort and luxury, but staying in someone’s home allows you to experience first-hand authentic life abroad. We gather recommendations for locally-owned and operated appartment rented by our friends and relatives. Like local residents, it offers you the oppertunity becoming immersed in a local culture vastly different. Ask locals about their favorite restaurants, parks, and clubs, or cooking by yourselves.


Appartment (For 2-6 people)Villa (For 5-10 people)

If you prefer hotels, we are happy to offer recommendations also, the price will be lower than normal online booking platform.

Feel free to email us for any questions about Traveling in Luoyang.

Accommodation Price Reference

Hotels LevelFive Star Hotal or similar Four Star Hotal or similarThree Star Hotal, Appartment or similar
Tripadvisor Price$ 65/Day$ 35/Day
China7day Price$  68/Day
¥ 480/Day
$ 48/Day
¥ 350/Day
$ 25/Day
¥ 180/Day
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