The supporting role of peony culture in the development of Luoyang Tourism

Cultural tourism resources are an important support for the development of tourism in a region, and play a fundamental role in the development of tourism in a region. Luoyang has a long history of peony culture, rich in forms and connotations of peony culture. The peony culture tourism industry is thriving, which has a huge role in promoting the development of Luoyang Tourism. The prosperity of peony culture is inseparable from the cultural consciousness of the local people. The people continue the main position of peony culture and promote the inheritance of peony culture and its related customs. Only when there is an annual flower appreciation event like peony culture festival, can the prosperity of peony culture tourism industry be achieved. At the same time, peony cultural resources and other tourism resources form a strong joint force to promote the development of Luoyang Tourism. In the aspects of enriching the research on the development of tourism industry, better realizing the transformation of economic benefits of tourism industry and the construction of city image by the development of tourism industry, it is of practical significance to study the function mechanism of peony culture on the development of tourism industry in Luoyang.

Peony culture tourism industry is an important part of Luoyang Tourism Industry

As one of the core elements of Luoyang Tourism Resources, peony cultural tourism is also an important part of Luoyang Tourism development. The period from Qingming Festival to May Day is the blooming period of peony. During this period, Luoyang City will hold the traditional flower appreciation festival of Luoyang Peony Culture Festival, which is an important annual cultural tourism event in Luoyang City. In 2016, during the 34th Luoyang Peony Culture Festival, Luoyang received 23.5032 million tourists, with a total tourism revenue of 19.767 billion yuan, of which the total tourism revenue during the festival accounted for 21.8% of the total tourism revenue of Luoyang in 2016. In 2017, during the 35th Luoyang Peony Culture Festival, the city received 24.9396 million tourists, with a total tourism revenue of 22.35 billion yuan, an increase of 6.11% and 13.07% year-on-year respectively, and the average occupancy rate of major star hotels in the city reached 88.63%. During the 2017 Peony Culture Festival, it received nearly 800000 tourists every day on average. The Peony Culture Festival has become the most popular and critical period of tourism development in Luoyang. Peony culture is a huge hot spot in Luoyang Tourism. The huge driving effect caused by it has promoted the development of other tourism industries in Luoyang. The development of related tourism derivatives, such as peony porcelain, peony painting and calligraphy, peony food, etc., has also become an important part of Luoyang peony culture tourism market.

Peony culture promotes the spread of Luoyang Tourism City Image

Luoyang city’s image of the city is defined as “the Millennium capital of the emperor, the peony city”. In 2016, Luoyang’s tourism revenue accounted for 14.35% of Luoyang’s GDP. Tourism is the pillar industry of Luoyang’s economic development and plays an important role in supporting the social and economic development of Luoyang. Peony culture has become the characteristic business card of Luoyang’s tourism industry development. Through the cross domain communication of peony culture, Luoyang “takes flowers as the medium”, realizes the extensive extension of its city image to the inside and outside, expands its external influence as a tourism city, and improves the tourists’ attention and recognition to the image of Luoyang City.

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