Reasons for the prosperity and development of peony cultural tourism industry in Luoyang

Peony culture is one of the core elements of Luoyang city image, which has a profound cultural foundation

Peony culture is not only one of the core elements of Luoyang city image, but also an important part of Luoyang city culture. Urban culture is a city’s historical background, aesthetic taste, moral value and humanistic spirit embodied in the city’s connotation and external quality. Luoyang peony, which began in Sui Dynasty, flourished in Tang Dynasty and was the best in Song Dynasty, has been cultivated for more than 1500 years. “Luoyang is the most suitable place for local flowers, and peony is especially unique in the world”. This is the evaluation of Luoyang Peony by ou Yangxiu, a literary giant in the Song Dynasty. Thanks to Luoyang’s unique geographical location and long tradition of peony planting, peony has entered thousands of households in Luoyang and is loved by people. Therefore, peony is also known as “Luoyang flower”. Peony culture has been integrated into all aspects of Luoyang city’s economy and society. It has become the core element of Luoyang city’s image and culture, and the spokesman of Luoyang city’s image. In the intangible, peony culture has formed a strong cultural tension, which promotes the spread of Luoyang’s external city image, and also promotes the rapid development of Luoyang’s tourism.

Cultural consciousness is the source of the prosperity and development of Luoyang Peony cultural tourism industry

The inheritance of culture can not be separated from the consciousness of culture. Without the consciousness of culture, the conscious and purposeful cultural inheritance can not be realized. One of the important manifestations of cultural consciousness is that the local cultural holders love the local culture and consciously inherit and carry forward the local traditional culture. The public is an integral part of traditional culture, as well as the communication carrier and media of local traditional culture. Culture consciously dominates the communication of local traditional culture and fosters the tourism consumption atmosphere and environment for the development of regional cultural tourism. There is a good mass basis for the spread of peony culture in Luoyang. Besides the government’s strong support, the development of peony industry has a lot of spontaneous support from the folk forces. In Luoyang, there are many peony painting and calligraphy galleries, shops, calligraphy display of mass peony culture theme, and performance of mass performance with peony elements. The love and inheritance of peony culture has penetrated into many aspects of local people’s life in Luoyang. Cultural consciousness enhances cultural cohesion, promotes the spread of peony culture, extends the boundary of Luoyang Tourism market, and also reserves a broad market space for the consumption of peony cultural tourism products.

The richness of tourism resources forms a joint force

The development of Luoyang peony culture tourism and the development of other tourism resources present a symbiotic development mode. That is to say, the development of tourism products and services with peony culture as the element is the mainstay of tourism development in Luoyang. The development of peony culture resources and other tourism resources in Luoyang, such as cultural relics resources, historical and cultural landscape resources, natural landscape resources, catering culture and other local characteristics of Tourism resources, is inseparable. The development of peony culture plays a role of calling card and propaganda in Luoyang Tourism. The development of other tourism resources enriches the connotation of peony culture, expands the development boundary of peony culture resources, promotes the continuation of tourism derivatives and the spread of Luoyang city image. This symbiotic mode promotes the prosperity and expansion of Luoyang Tourism development.

Peony culture and Luoyang historical context complement each other to promote the development and continuation of Luoyang Tourism

Historical context is an important condition for the sustainable development of regional tourism industry. Luoyang peony culture continues to this day, complementing the inheritance of the whole historical context of Luoyang. Luoyang is the ancient capital with the earliest and longest capital establishment time in China. It has gone through 13 dynasties and 105 emperors for 1650 years. It has a strong historical flavor and has a huge cultural influence in Chinese history. Peony is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. It is highly sought after by feudal dynasties in history. It is also the object of scholar bureaucrats and nobles, such as Ouyang Xiu, Wen Yanbo, Shao Yong, Cheng Yi, Cheng Hao, etc. they opened gardens in Luoyang, cultivated peonies, and sang flowers, thus forming the scholar bureaucrat’s appreciation atmosphere of “who doesn’t love peonies and takes up the good things in the city”. At the same time, the custom of appreciating peony has gradually expanded to the general public class. When the peony blooms every year, the custom of appreciating peony is also respected by the public class. The mutual prosperity of politics, economy and culture in history has promoted the prosperity and continuity of peony culture and formed the unique historical context of Luoyang, which has never stopped flowing. This historical context with peony culture as one of the core elements is the important support for the development of tourism in Luoyang today and promotes the development and continuity of tourism in Luoyang.

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