The development of Luoyang’s famous historical and cultural city under global tourism

China has a long cultural history, profound culture, long history and rich natural scenery. At this stage, China gradually displays its long history card to the world. In the process of economic development, people’s material life requirements are also higher and higher. Some tourism projects are constantly explored by people and become an important consumption system. Based on this, this paper mainly analyzes the construction methods of Luoyang’s famous historical and cultural city under the whole tourism environment.

In a certain region, the industry with tourism as its advantage is called global tourism. In this region, we should improve the utilization of social resources while promoting economic development, and bring a certain role in promoting tourism. Global tourism has the following characteristics.

(1) Resource wide integration

In the process of developing local natural resources, there are human and social attractions. It is necessary to reorganize the single scenic spots from the perspective of social development so as to avoid the influence of other tourism factors. As far as external factors are concerned, social resources in the region need to be put into the planning system of regional tourism.

(2) Service global coverage

In the development, we must adhere to the principle of integration, first of all, we need to improve the integrated service system of regional tourism, so as to avoid the disadvantages of the traditional dual service model of tourism. Both inside and outside the scenic spot and the hotel, we provide more tourist transportation, and expand from scenic spot to all-round, providing tourists with the whole process and high-quality service.

(3) Shared by the whole people

It is necessary to transform the global atmosphere vigorously, establish the awareness of starting from me, drive all people to use actions to promote the overall development, and jointly enjoy the development results, so as to maximize the realization of tourism economic benefits.

As an important concept of current development, in order to better promote the development of Luoyang cultural city, it is necessary to implement the concept of global tourism, integrate the history and culture, so as to lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of Luoyang Tourism City. On this basis, this paper mainly analyzes the precise positioning, cultural protection, traffic optimization and marketing promotion, hoping to provide some reference for relevant personnel.

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