The Price List of Luoyang Travel

If one city has lived for 5,000 years ago.
What would it look like?
120° East Longitude/34° North Latitude
Here is Luoyang, to understand the named of China.


Car Rental is Necessary

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Model Seats Floor Car Price Floor Driver Price
Volkswagen Lavida or similar 4

$ 42/day

¥ 300/Day

$ 42/day

¥ 300/Day

Buick GL or similar 5 – 9

$ 64/day

¥ 450/Day

$ 42/day

¥ 300/Day

Toyota Coster or similar 14 – 22

$ 90/day

¥ 650/Day

$ 49/day

¥ 350/Day

Yutong Luxury Tourist Bus 33 – 60

$ 115/day

¥ 800/Day

$ 62/day

¥ 450/Day

Accommodation Price is Great

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Hotels Level Five Star Hotal or similar Four Star Hotal or similar Three Star Hotal, Appartment or similar
Person/Room 2 2 2
Tripadvisor Price $ 65/Day $ 35/Day
China7day Price $  68/Day
¥ 480/Day
$ 48/Day
¥ 350/Day
$ 25/Day
¥ 180/Day

The Most Popular Attraction

The 38th Luoyang Peony Festival(April 2020)

Attractions Tickets Summary
Luoyang Peony(洛阳牡丹) First Flowering (Apr 1-10) ¥ 20-50/Person Luoyang peony is the best in the world.
Began in the Sui Dynasty, has a long cultivation history.
Cultivate 1036 species of peony and spread to dozens of countries.
Full Bloom (Apr 11-20)
Late Flowering (Apr 21-30)
Longmen Grottoes(龙门石窟) Attractions ¥ 100/Person UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Starting with the Northern Wei Dynasty in 493 AD.
Vairocana Buddha was carved to resemble the Empress Wuzetian. 
Shuttle Bus ¥ 30/Person
Shaolin Temple(少林寺) Attractions ¥ 100/Person UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The birthplace of Buddhist Zen.
Shaolin Kongfu.
Shuttle Bus ¥ 35/Person
Yuntai Mountain(云台山) Attractions ¥ 130/Person UNESCO World Geopark.
AAAAA tourist attraction.
The scenery is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists.
Shuttle Bus ¥ 60/Person

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Bai juyi (1) Car Rental (1) China War God (1) Dingdingmen (3) Dried Lacquer Statues (1) Erlitou Site Museum (1) Fengxian Temple (1) Guanlin Temple (2) Guanyu (1) Heluo Culture (1) Kung Fu (3) Lijingmen (1) Longmen Grottoes (50) luoyang (5) Luoyang Ancient Art Museum (2) Luoyang Museum (32) luoyang old street (1) Luoyang Peony Festival (45) Luoyang Restaurant (6) Luoyang Shovel (1) luoyang tourism (23) Mingtang (13) Pagoda Forest (8) Qiyun Pagoda (1) Shaolin Temple (30) Sui Dynasty (1) Tang Dynasty (3) Tiantang (3) Water Banquet (1) White Garden (1) White Horse Temple (21) Wu Zetian (3) Xia Dynasty Capital (1) Xiangshan Temple (3) Yingtianmen (2) Yongning Pagoda (1) Yuntai Mountain (29)

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