Attractions Tickets Summary
Luoyang Peony(洛阳牡丹) First Flowering (Apr 1-10) ¥ 20-50/Person Luoyang peony is the best in the world.
Began in the Sui Dynasty, has a long cultivation history.
Cultivate 1036 species of peony and spread to dozens of countries.
Full Bloom (Apr 11-20)
Late Flowering (Apr 21-30)
Longmen Grottoes(龙门石窟) Attractions ¥ 100/Person UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Starting with the Northern Wei Dynasty in 493 AD.
Vairocana Buddha was carved to resemble the Empress Wuzetian. 
Shuttle Bus ¥ 30/Person
Shaolin Temple(少林寺) Attractions ¥ 100/Person UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The birthplace of Buddhist Zen.
Shaolin Kongfu.
Shuttle Bus ¥ 35/Person
Yuntai Mountain(云台山) Attractions ¥ 130/Person UNESCO World Geopark.
AAAAA tourist attraction.
The scenery is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists.
Shuttle Bus ¥ 60/Person
<Wuzetian(武则天)> Show ¥ 269/Person The legendary life of the only female emperor in Chinese history.
<Zen-Shaolin Grand Ceremony(禅宗大典)>  Show ¥ 269/Person Enjoy the authentic Shaolin Kung Fu and Songshan Mountain.
<Dongjingmenghua(东京梦华)> Show ¥ 269/Person Showing the prosperity and dreams of the capital of Song Dynasty.
Wanxian Mountain Guoliang Village(万仙山郭亮村) ¥ 62/Person Road built on the cliff.
White Horse Temple(白马寺) ¥ 35/Person China’s first official Buddhist temple.
Guanlin Temple(关林) ¥ 35/Person Buried the head of the Guanyu -Chinese War God.
Mingtang & Tiantang(天堂&明堂) ¥ 80/Person Female emperor Wuzetian’s worship Buddha place & administrative office.
Luoyi Castle(洛邑古城) Free Experience the beauty of ancient Luoyang culture.
Lijing Gates(丽景门) Free The west gate of Luoyang City during the Sui and Tang Dynasties.
Yingtian Gates(应天门) Free The largest palace gate in ancient Chinese history.
Luoyang Museum(洛阳博物馆) Free Showing the history of 13 dynasties.
The Erlitou Xia Dynasty Capital Site Museum(二里头夏都博物馆) Free The capital of China frist Dynasty.
Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum (洛阳古代艺术博物馆) Free The world’s first ancient tomb museum.
Museum of luoyang eastern zhou royal horse and chariol pils(天子驾六博物馆) ¥ 25/Person First discovered the emperor’s horse team.
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