Water Banquet

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As an ancient capital of nine dynasties Luoyang, its long history is not only embodied in the cultural relic attractions, also in food. Many of dishes in Luoyang are from royal family. In addition to the traditional imperial cuisine, there are also delicious snacks like Bufan soup, Zhang’s roast chicken. On the streets in Luoyang, all kinds of soup can be seen everywhere: drinking soup with pepper in winter can warm stomach; Bufan soup is full of local characteristics and it is very popular; drinking a bowl of beef soup will make you sweat. Coming to Luoyang, whether imperial cuisines or street foods, it is worth to try.

Type Food Index Introduction
Cuisine Water Banquet ★★★★★  Wikipedia
Eight Buckle BIg Bowls ★★★★  
Local Food Carp Jumping over Dragon Gate ★★★★★  
Noodles in Mung Bean Milk ★★★★★  
Noodles in Yellow Flour Milk ★★★★★  
Soup with Mutton ★★★★★  
Soup with Beef ★★★★★  
Soup with Tofu ★★★★★  
Cold Noodles ★★★★★  
Small Bowl Soup ★★★★☆  
Soup with Pepper ★★★★  
Soupy Dumpling ★★★★  
more and more ——  
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