Brand positioning and market positioning of Luoyang Peony Festival

The market orientation of tourism festivals is to determine which kind of audience to build tourism festivals for, that is, to determine who the target customers are, to attract the target tourists for a certain kind of people, rather than to cater to the market. But how do we determine the market? This requires us to conduct market analysis, comparative analysis of relevant tourism festivals, analysis of competitors, etc.

Luoyang is positioned on the theme of peony because of its unique geographical and climatic factors to adapt to the growth of peony, which can not be achieved in other areas, which is the best favorable condition for Luoyang. Heze, Shandong Province, once said that it was the hometown of peony when it publicized the city to the outside world. However, because its historical and cultural heritage was not as good as Luoyang, and the tourism industry promoted the economic development of the city and held peony themed festivals earlier than Luoyang, so it disappeared several years later. Luoyang pays more attention to the innovation and development of the festival, constantly pushes forward and presents, conforms to the trend of the times, and integrates diversified activities at the time of the festival.

Luoyang peony festival belongs to a unique landscape type in the classification of festival culture, but its overall style is a popular positioning, visitors of any age and different preferences can participate in the experience. This achieves the effect of “universal celebration”. This is also a feature of the benefits of Luoyang peony festival. It is a national experience mode. Participation can not only be used as a way to protect and spread local culture, but also as an integral part of ordinary people’s life. Even if you don’t know the cultural resources of Luoyang area, you can take your family to experience the pleasure of traveling in another city.

Therefore, Luoyang is undoubtedly accurate in its market positioning, which has laid a solid foundation for its current development trend and its great contribution to the construction and development of Luoyang.

Traditional festival brand building can only be carried out after the above market positioning is completed. The so-called product positioning refers to the tourism products provided to the audience according to the needs of the audience after the target audience group is determined. These products are to meet the tourism needs of the participants. The biggest difference between product positioning and market positioning is that the market positioning should be based on the location conditions of the host location, while the product positioning should be completely people-oriented, which is based on the full consideration of the needs of the audience. If the product can guarantee its quality and uniqueness, the product here is not just a tourist souvenir, but a series of tourist consumption including material and culture. At the same time, we should also consider the life cycle of products. With the development of the times, the products provided by festivals will also change in consumers’ privacy, so we should also have foresight and timely adjustment in product positioning.

Before the Luoyang peony flower fair became a provincial Festival before 1991, there were not many brand products, and more efforts were made to integrate the historical and cultural resources of Luoyang. A number of museums of different types were gradually established and improved before the annual peony flower fair. For example, the site of the Eighth Route Army office in Luoyang, where he displayed the most important revolutionary historical relics culture (the fourth session) and ancient Luoyang Tomb Museum, which focuses on the unique style of Chinese tomb culture from the Western Han Dynasty to the Northern Song Dynasty in Luoyang (the fifth session).

After upgrading to a provincial festival culture in 1991, Luoyang began to focus on integrating the tourism resources around Luoyang and improving the tourism resources in the urban area, protecting and opening up the “white garden” of Longmen Grottoes, which faces Longmen Mountain and Bai Juyi’s residence across the water (the ninth session)  Baiyun Mountain scenic spot, the fairyland of human beings in Songxian County, Luoyang, was further developed and opened on April 9, 1995, and became the center of China The five most attractive tourist attractions in the original area received 160000 tourists in that year. (15th session). At that time, shedanhua festival began to pay more attention to holding business trade and cultural academic exchanges. Although it had been held before, it began to pay more attention to economic and trade activities since 2000, providing more platforms for the participants of the peony festival, such as the Central Plains tourism fair, Luoyang International Investment Fair and the national famous historical and cultural city seminar A series of economic, trade and cultural activities, such as the new century song and dance party, Taiwan Yu opera “Peony Culture Tour Concert”, one hundred famous contemporary Chinese Calligraphers and painters’ Luoyang Pen Club, cultural relics boutique exhibition, etc.

After 2010, Luoyang’s foreign publicity began to affect further places, even abroad, after the promotion of Luoyang’s peony flower fair to a Chinese level cultural festival. A series of meetings with foreign trade began to be held in Luoyang, and more international brands began to move into Luoyang through the peony flower fair, and the products provided by the festival should also cater to China and even the international market. The opening ceremony of the Peony Flower Fair opened He began to integrate into the performances of famous artists at home and abroad. Zhou Jielun and Cai Qin also started to hold concerts during the Peony Fair, realizing that Luoyang Peony Fair can affect their influence in the whole Central Plains. At the same time, the brand of peony festival also began to undertake the production of TV plays and films during the festival, such as Wu Zetian, a famous TV play starring Liu Xiaoqing. Luoyang Normal University and Henan University of science and technology also encourage students to explore and design derivatives of peony culture, and lengthen the industry chain of peony, so as to create more local characteristics and cater to tourists’ souvenirs.

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