China national flower is peony, Luoyang city flower is peony

Peony is one of China’s famous flowers, known as the “king of flowers”, it is gentle and elegant, but also elegant appearance, is China’s national treasure.

As the saying goes, “Luoyang peony is the best in the world”, Luoyang, its rich place, is also more famous for it. As you know, there is another moving story about “Luoyang peony is the best in the world”. It is said that during the reign of Empress Wu, she collected all the famous flowers in the garden. On a cold winter night, it was snowing heavily. Wu Zetian suddenly devoted herself to the old trend: she wanted to see the spectacle of flowers blooming on a cold winter night. So she went with her officials to the garden of flowers and made a decree for all the flowers to open immediately. Many of the flowers were afraid of Wu Zetian’s majesty and immediately opened. Only the peony abided by the time and was determined not to open. Seeing that, Wu Zetian was furious with Longyan, so she demoted the peony to Luoyang and let her grow there. Although this is only a story, but also let us know that peony does not flatter the vulgar, do not attach to the noble quality of the powerful. Of course, Luoyang’s climate, soil and other superior natural conditions, but also for peony to create a unique living environment.

Peony was born in the northwest of China. It has been cultivated for a long time and has become a famous ornamental flower. Peony is a small deciduous shrub of Ranunculaceae, with a plant height of about 1-m. The leaves are double and triple, and the leaflets are 3-5-lobed. Flowering in early summer, the flowering period is about half a month, but now, due to artificial control, it can bloom in different periods.

The shape of peony is huge, with a maximum diameter of more than 20 cm. The color of peony is mainly white, red and purple, with light green, light yellow and other colors. Yao Huang and Wei Zi are regarded as the best of peony. It is known as the “king of flowers” because of its gorgeous colors, various types and beautiful flower patterns.

Peony is also valuable because it can not only be viewed, but also its root bark is called “peony bark” which can be used for medicine. It contains paeonol glycosides. The Paeonol produced after hydrolysis has the functions of antipyretic, analgesic, bacteriostatic and antihypertensive. It can cool blood and clear away stasis, mainly treat blood fever, bleeding, sore, carbuncle, swelling and pain.

The elegance and splendor of peony depend on the excellent varieties and careful cultivation. The peony blossoms not only admire the tourists from all over China, but also attract many foreign tourists. When the Peony Fair is held from April to may, many Chinese and foreign tourists will rush to the venue to take photos and praise from time to time.

As an elegant and noble flower, peony has entered history. I am proud that Chinese people have such a precious national flower.

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