Four famous Chinese herbal medicines from Yuntai Mountain


Shennong materia medica is called Dioscorea, a yam. Its root is used for medicine. Because its efficacy can be compared with ginseng, it is also called “Huaishen”.

Yam is an important tonic drug, which can nourish the kidney, stomach, phlegm, Qi, cold wind, mind, soul, long muscle marrow. Modern scientific analysis shows that yam contains a lot of protein, starch, lysine, choline, saponin, fat, etc. it is commonly used in the treatment of diarrhea, spermatorrhea, kidney deficiency and forgetfulness, fatigue and weakness, neurasthenia and other diseases. Yam is also commonly used in hand and foot frostbite, sputum asthma, frequent urination and other diseases. It is one of the commonly used tonics in traditional Chinese medicine. The processed yam is called Guangshan yam. Guangshan medicine needs to be soaked before being used as medicine, that is, soak 30-40% of it in clear water, take it out to be moistened, dry it to 40%, moisten it to be even inside and outside, slice it and dry it to be used as medicine.


“Shennong Materia Medica” is called Achyranthes bidentata, also known as baibei. In Song Dynasty, it was called Achyranthes bidentata in huaizhou. In Ming Dynasty, it was called Achyranthes bidentata in huaizhuang, commonly known as Achyranthes bidentata. Li Shizhen said, “this sutra is also called a hundred times. It is said that its medicine is as powerful as a cow.” Achyranthes bidentata is used for medicine. According to modern scientific analysis, Achyranthes bidentata contains a large number of alkaloids, whose functions can nourish the liver and kidney, strengthen muscles and bones, dredge channels and collaterals, and disperse evil blood. It is commonly used in the treatment of cold and dampness, lumbago and knee pain, lumbago and knee tenderness, limb contracture, dysregulation of meridians and blood circulation, postpartum abdominal pain due to blood stasis, blood drenching, injury due to falling and knee bending obstruction, etc. it is one of the commonly used drugs for unblocking collaterals and activating blood circulation. When Achyranthes bidentata is used as medicine, it should be cut into four millimeter segments. According to the condition of the disease, you can also use wine to hold the Achyranthes bidentata, that is, take the cut Achyranthes bidentata, mix the rice wine evenly, moisten it slightly, put it in the pot, stir fry it slightly with low heat, dry it in the air, and then it can be used as medicine.


The rhizome of Rehmannia glutinosa contains mannitol, glucose, alkaloid, fatty acid, vitamin A and other important components. There are three kinds of Radix Rehmanniae used as medicine: raw, cooked and fresh. Raw land can clear away heat and cool blood, mature land can nourish yin and blood, fresh land can cure fever, thirst, dry stool and other diseases. It is one of the commonly used drugs in traditional Chinese medicine.


Chrysanthemum is bitter, sweet, cold, nontoxic, and can be raised and lowered. It has the functions of dispersing wind, relieving heat, removing annoyance, brightening eyes, removing yimembrance and stopping headache. Clinical commonly used in cold, headache, skull pain, unclear eyes, gout. It is one of the commonly used antipyretic drugs in traditional Chinese medicine.

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