No matter what season you plan to visit Yuntai Mountain, you can find reference here

Yuntai Mountain has four distinct seasons and different sceneries. The temperature of May 1st and 11th is suitable for traveling, but there are many tourists at this time. From August to September every year, there will be a waterfall watching activity at Yuntai Mountain, and on September 9 of the lunar calendar, there will be a dogwood peak climbing activity at Chongyang Festival. Here is the overview of the four seasons and temperature:

Yuntai Mountain Tourism spring

Average temperature: 16 ℃

Ornamental landscape: mountain flowers

Yuntai Mountain Tourism summer

Average temperature: 24 ℃

Scenery to watch: primitive forest, waterfall and flowing spring

Precautions: the temperature is changeable, and rain proof measures shall be taken

Yuntai Mountain Tourism autumn:

Average temperature: 18 ℃

Scenery to watch: red leaves, the highest waterfall in China – Yuntai waterfall

Yuntai Mountain Tourism winter:

Average temperature: 2 ℃

View: ice waterfall, ice hanging, icicle, jade tree and Qionghua

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