Welcome to Luoyang Peony Festival

Luoyang, known as Luoyang and Yuzhou in ancient times, is located in the west of Henan and the middle reaches of the Yellow River. It gets its name because it is located in the Yang of Luohe River. It is one of the first batch of famous historical and cultural cities announced by the State Council and an important industrial City in the central region.

“King of flowers” is still in full bloom, with red petals layer by layer, seven or eight layers, reflected by green leaves, like a warm fire, like a dignified lady, which is worthy of being the king of flowers.

After six hours’ trek, seven of us finally arrived at Luoyang, the ancient capital of nine dynasties.

April 1 to May 5 is the annual grand Luoyang peony festival. Naturally, we will not miss this good opportunity to come to the main venue of the previous Peony Festival – Wangcheng park. Although the fall of the peony, but there are still some indomitable stand proudly, that tree peony green leaves with round flowers, as if to protect a ruby. “Flower king” is still in full bloom, with red petals stacked on top of each other. It has seven or eight layers and is reflected by green leaves. It looks like a warm fire, just like a dignified lady in Luoyang travel notes. It is worthy of being the king of flowers. Then, we came to the boutique area, where the peony is even more dazzling. Flowers are like sunflowers, lotus, Hydrangea; petals are like red lips, eyebrows, scales, and interesting; flowers stand on branches, some droop, some scratch their heads, some lie drunk, some stand upright, in all kinds of ways, beautiful. The most amazing is the unique “Green Peony” among the peonies. The flower is like a green Hydrangea, crystal clear and bright like emerald. Thousands of words into a sentence of Liu Yuxi, “only peony true color, flower season move the capital.” The elegant peonies make up the beautiful Luoyang City.

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