Yi Que County

Longmen, also known as Yi Que, where the east and west two mountains face off, Yi River water flows through it, looking far like a natural gate Que, so ancient called “Yi Que”. “Both sides are broken mountains and cliffs, relative to the door, but the dragon can cross, so it is called Longmen.”

In the Sui Dynasty, Emperor Yang Guang climbed Mount Ma to the north of Luoyang and saw Yique to the south of Luoyang from a distance. He said to his attendants, “Isn’t this the gate of the true Dragon and the Son of Heaven?” Why didn’t the ancients build their capital here?” “The ancients were only waiting for Your Majesty.” Emperor Yang Sui after listening to Longyan big joy, built the Sui Dynasty Tokyo city in Luoyang, the royal palace Ziwei City’s main gate is Tianmen opposite Yique, since then, Yique has been the custom of people called Longmen.

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