A must visit spot in Luoyang

Luoyang across the middle reaches of the Yellow River, “living in the world” is known as the “hinterland of Jiuzhou”. Heluo area centered on Luoyang is the important birthplace of Chinese civilization. Ancient Chinese myths such as Fuxi, Nuwa, Huangdi, Tangyao, Yushun and Xiayu are mostly spread here. Luoyang is one of the four ancient capitals in China. “The capital of a thousand years” is not a false name.

1, Longmen Grottoes: Longmen Grottoes must see, it is the essence of Luoyang attractions, world cultural heritage, the fare is originally 60 yuan per person, and now opposite the white yuan (Bai Juyi tomb), Xiangshan Temple bundled sales, one vote system of 80 yuan, you may be somewhat dissatisfied, ah, there is no way to do it. The ticket is a postcard style ticket. There is a mailbox opposite the ticket office. You can tear off the ticket directly and mail the postcard home for collection. You’d better pay 5 yuan to rent a tour guide when you buy tickets.

Take bus No.81 and No.53 from the railway station to Longmen Grottoes. It’s better to visit Longmen Grottoes in the morning. Because in the morning, the sun shines directly on the west mountain of the grottoes, which is full of light and convenient for photography. After visiting Longmen Grottoes, I used to overlook the grottoes on the other side from the Manshui bridge in the south, then visit Dongshan grottoes, and then visit Xiangshan temple and Baiyuan. In this way, the visit time of the whole scenic area is about 4-5 hours. There is a Guanghua temple near the north of the parking lot of Longmen Grottoes. Some netizens have been cheated by fortune telling traps. Please pay attention and don’t be fooled.

  1. Guanlin: after visiting Longmen Grottoes, you can visit Guanlin, which is the place where Guanyu’s head is buried. Guanlin is our only ancient classic building with the combination of graves, temples and forests. Take a bus from Longmen Grottoes to guanlinmiao station, get off the bus and walk back for one yuan. Walk 500 meters to Guanlin for a visit. The ticket is also Postcard style. The ticket price is 25 yuan. There is a mailbox on the way back from Guanlin to guanlinmiao bus station. You can mail postcards for collection. The visiting time is about 1-2 hours.
  2. Baima Temple: at the terminal of No.56 Chengcheng road in Xiguan, Baima temple is about 10 kilometers east of Luoyang City. Baima temple is the first official Temple after Buddhism was introduced into China. It has always been known as “source of interpretation” and “ancestral court” by Chinese and foreign Buddhist circles. Baima temple is full of incense. There are free incense for tourists to burn at every place. There are not many incense. There are three incense sticks to worship the Buddha’s heart. Not far east from Baima temple is the tomb of Di Renjie. Fare: 35 yuan. It is said that Baima temple is very accurate in fortune telling.
  3. Xiaolangdi: 50 kilometers to the north of Luoyang, there are Chinese buses in the east bus station of the railway station, about 80 minutes, 8 yuan tickets, no tickets for the gate of Xiaolangdi Scenic Area, 30 yuan tickets for the dam scenic area and bashou park. Because the internal management of Xiaolangdi Scenic Spot is not well coordinated with the local government, the soft environment is not good, and there are many wild guides, which may attract visitors. In addition, do not dispute with the local farmers.
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