Local food in Luoyang

Luoyang water mat is a unique traditional famous food in Luoyang area. There are two meanings: one is that all hot dishes have soup soup water; the other is that one hot dish Luoyang water table is finished, and then another hot dish is added after withdrawal, which is constantly updated like water. Luoyang water table is characterized by meat and vegetable, wide selection of materials, simplicity and complexity, diverse taste, acid, spicy, sweet and salty, comfortable and delicious.

Features of Luoyang water mat: first, there are meat and vegetable dishes, which are made of meat and vegetable, with a wide selection of materials. Birds in the sky, animals in the underground, fish in the sea and vegetables in the ground can all be taken as seats. According to the economic situation of the caterers, they can be simple, complicated, and thrifty. Second, there is soup and water, with a variety of tastes. It is sour, spicy, sweet and salty, comfortable and delicious. Third, there are strict regulations on the order of serving, reasonable collocation, careful selection of materials and proper cooking. Luoyang water seat is divided into three grades: high, medium and low, which can be determined according to the situation. Therefore, it is widely welcomed by urban and rural people and has a long history.

Luoyang water mat is famous for its long history. For thousands of years, it has been passed on. Red and white events, banquet guests, take the lead.

Luoyang water mat, from the folk, is a unique traditional famous food in Luoyang. It’s very hot and sour, fresh and sharp. In the Tang Dynasty, Wu Zetian ordered Luoyang water banquet to enter the Imperial Palace, adding delicacies of mountains and seafood, and made it into a palace banquet, which was passed back to the people from the palace. Therefore, the special flavor is formed. It is also called officialdom banquet because it imitates the production method of officialdom banquet.

Hu la Tang is a special snack in Luoyang. It can only be eaten in the morning. It is spicy and delicious. The main ingredients of Hula soup are refined flour, vermicelli, fat pork and so on. The ingredients are peanut kernel, taro, yam, golden needle, agaric, scallion, garlic slice, gluten bubble and so on. The seasonings include sugar, pepper, fennel, ginger, cinnamon seed, pepper, refined salt, soy sauce and so on.

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