A tour of Luoyang peony in Tang and Song Dynasties

Peony tour is the main driving force to promote the development of Luoyang peony culture. In the Northern Song Dynasty, Luoyang Peony tour was no less than the annual modern Luoyang Peony Fair. The Peony Fair in the Northern Song Dynasty was a local festival in Luoyang at that time. Shao Yong said in the spring chant of Luoyang: “people in Luoyang are used to seeing wonderful flowers. Peach and plum flowers are not flowers. Must be the Peony Blossom prosperous hair, the full city just begins to be joyful boundless It can be seen that Luoyang people pay attention to the entertainment activities in the blooming season of peonies. In the peony blooming season, Luoyang city is full of flowers. “Luoyang is the most prosperous in spring, with 100000 families in red and green. Who knows how to make a group of flowers like the rust of brocade? People will learn how to make a group of flowers from brocade “[3] Volume 56. With the flower appreciation activities, various recreational activities will be carried out around peony in the city. This attracts people to come out of their homes and see the scene of “women’s eyes laughing in the middle of the car and people walking around downstairs.”. The green wave light makes a tent, and the flower spirit of Shangyang is simple and elegant.

The reason why Luoyang Peony formed unique local festival activities in the Northern Song Dynasty is closely related to the participation of the whole people in Luoyang City. First, there is an official push. “The peonies in Xijing are heard all over the world. When the flowers are in full bloom, the eunuch will hold a myriad of Flower Fairs and feast at the place where the flowers are used as a barrier. As for the beams, pillars and gongs, they are hung with bamboo tubes to store water, hairpins to hold flowers, and flowers are everywhere.” At this time, the government will give officials at all levels a holiday to enjoy the flowers. All levels of officials, literati and scholars will also be invited to appreciate flowers, drink wine and write poems to appreciate peonies and have a pleasant mood. Under the guidance of the government, people in Luoyang will go out to enjoy, play and buy flowers when they are in bloom. At this time, private gardens in the city will be open to the outside world. People will “make gardens at the flower peak, collect the skills of the four corners of the opera, fight for wine with the ladies of the city, choose the best place for garden pavilions, and introduce songs and shouts between the upper and lower pools without asking their owners. When he arrived at the dusk, he toured the flower market and sold flowers in Yun cages. Although the poor also wore flowers to drink, Wang Pingfu said in his poem, “when the wind blows, the green curtain will sell wine in spring, and when the dew is wet, Yun cages will sell flowers at night.”. Literati and scholars will take this opportunity to make friends. During the period of Fubi and Guluo, they will gather friends to appreciate the peony: “Fu Zhenggong stays in the west capital day, because the peony in the Mansion Garden is in full bloom, they will call Mr. wenlugong, Mr. simaduanming, Mr. Chu Jianzhong and Mr. Liu Jishao together.” During the period of Sima Guang’s juluo, he and his friends also went to various gardens to watch the peonies, and wrote a poem “he Zihua, Xi Lu Gong, went to Jinji and returned home to visit the peonies in various gardens to appreciate them.” he said: “although the spring scenery is still beautiful, the spring scenery is still beautiful. The garden officials watched the dust and closed their houses. When they returned, they had a feast. The waves are disordered, the brocade beside the boots is disordered, and the wind and rain are sweeping the bottom strings. Luo Yi’s dress is accompanied by Empress, looking for flowers to carry wine and wish a good year. ” Ouyang Xiu, who wrote down the story of Luoyang peony in Volume 53, was invited to enjoy the flowers with friends every year during the period of Guluo, and made a detailed description after enjoying the flowers.

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