Four travel notes of Shaolin Temple written by Chinese primary school students

Chapter 1:

This summer vacation is a tourist month for me. I’m lucky to go to Henan with my mother again.

On our first day in Henan, we are going to visit Shaolin Temple in Songshan mountain. “Shaolin Kung Fu is the best in the world”, which is famous all over the world. Many foreign friends envy our Shaolin Kung Fu. Walking into Dengfeng, there are many martial arts schools on the road. On the road, you can see many children of our age are practicing martial arts. Every move is like standing like a pine and sitting like a bell.

When I came to Shaolin Temple, there happened to be a martial arts performance, “one finger zen”, “human body plum blossom pile”, “Shaolin children’s skill”, “flying needle through glass”, “head opening steel knife” and so on all received warm applause and cheers. The most unforgettable thing for me is that the flying needle penetrates the glass. A monk holds a balloon in his hand, and holds a piece of glass in front of the balloon. He sees another monk and Shang Yunhao hit the balloon with an embroidery needle. With a bang, the balloon broke. A small hole with a big yellow bean appeared on the thick glass. The staff showed it in front of me. It’s incredible. I can’t believe it Their eyes and thick glass were pierced by a small embroidery needle. It can be seen that their martial arts have reached a perfect level. All the tourists who watched were thumbing up to them.

When we walked out of the demonstration hall, we saw the Pagoda Forest of Shaolin Temple. It was the tomb of monks in the temple, and that of Dharma Master. They were different in shape and height. According to the guide’s introduction, they were determined by their prestige and merits. Tallinn is a magnificent building and a tourist attraction of Shaolin Temple.

Chapter 2:

Shaolin Temple is not only the birthplace of martial arts in China, but also one of the birthplaces of Buddhist culture in China. On Sunday, my father took me to visit the Shaolin Temple.

Looking from afar, a tall gate tower stands in front of the mountain, engraved with five powerful big characters of “the first famous temple in the world”. Entering the gate, I saw a few monks performing amazing martial arts skills, such as “using needles to penetrate glass” and “breaking big stones at the chest”. Through the crowd, the first thing we saw was the gilded characters of “Shaolin Temple”, red walls, blue tiles, antique. Several towering ancient trees in front of the gate seem to tell the mystery and long history of the ancient temple in the middle of a thousand years.

Through the gate of the temple is the Mahavira hall, which is tall, magnificent and magnificent. The red wooden structure, covered with glazed tiles, is even more resplendent. The ancient trees on both sides of the corridor are full of holes. According to the guide, those holes are left by monks when they practice their finger zen,. This makes me pay more attention to Shaolin Kung Fu. When entering the shop, a group of monks are practicing the stick technique. One by one, straight and common sticks are dancing in the hands of the monks, sometimes splitting, sometimes stabbing, sometimes kowtowing. It’s dazzling. It’s all good.

After visiting Shaolin Temple, my father took me to mount song. Along the way, tourists came and went, but they didn’t feel too tired. Near the top of the mountain, I feel that the two retreats are always disobedient, like pouring lead. I really want to stop for a rest. Dad encouraged me to work hard. Finally reached the top of the mountain, I cheered, saw the song mountain behind me, I feel very proud: Song Mountain I finally conquered you. Standing on the summit, the whole Shaolin Temple has a panoramic view. When I was dancing happily, I only heard a click, and my father helped me to save the intoxicating scene.

Ah, beautiful song mountain, mysterious Shaolin Temple, what a fascinating place.

Chapter 3:

This summer vacation, my parents took me to Henan Province for two days. I have seen many places of interest, but what impresses me is to visit Shaolin Temple.

After visiting Henan Museum, we went to Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng City, Henan Province. After entering Shaolin Temple, we came to Daxiong hall first. My mother is burning incense and kowtowing in front of the Buddha statue. I don’t understand and ask, “Mom, what are you doing?” my mother not only didn’t answer me, but also pulled me over and let me kowtow to the Buddha. I said, “Mom, it’s superstition.” Mother said: “dead girl, don’t say, Buddha will blame.” I’m good or bad, but my mother still sticks to her point of view. Alas, it’s all the time. It’s still superstitious. We came to an old pine. There are many holes in the tree. The guide told us that these were the holes that the ancient monks used to poke on the tree with two fingers when they practiced the two finger zen. We finally came to a shrine. There are big holes all over the ground. The tour guide told us that this was because the eminent monks sat cross legged on the ground when they practiced Kung Fu. Over time, it became like this. A pleasant journey is over.

This visit to Shaolin Temple left a deep impression on me. During this trip, I not only broadened my horizons, but also learned a lot of knowledge that I could not learn from textbooks. I will never forget this journey.

Chapter 4:

It is said that “Taishan Mountain in the East is strange, Huashan Mountain in the west is dangerous, Hengshan Mountain in the north is steep, Hengshan Mountain in the south is beautiful, and Songshan Mountain in the middle is Austrian”. Today, we followed the team to Shaolin Temple in Songshan, Henan Province, to experience the “mystery” in it.

Today, we are really beautiful. The hot sun is hidden by clouds. We feel very cool when the breeze blows. Shaolin Temple is named “Shaolin” because it is in Shaoshi mountain and in the dense forest.

Walking into Shaolin Temple, we can see that there are luxuriant ancient trees on both sides of the road. Looking up from afar, the green mountains are green and the clouds are misty, just like fairyland in fairy tales. Keep going inside. A group of Shaolin disciples are practicing on the flat playground. Their voices are loud and powerful. In exclamation, a group of disciples dressed in dark red practice clothes, in a neat line, carrying red, yellow and yellow flags, galloped away from them. What a spectacular scene! Listen to the guide aunt, they are in a hurry to perform martial arts!

We walked into the temple on the lotus road. It is said that this can bring good luck. The temple is full of tourists. We went to Tianwang hall, Daxiong hall, sutra Pavilion, Zen hall, thousand Buddha Hall These houses are all in the shape of a very old ginkgo tree in the temple. It’s more than 1500 years old, and the trunk is thick. It takes ten adults to encircle it.

We went to Tallinn again. A variety of towers in the pines and cypresses, it seems particularly mysterious. It was the place where the abbot of Shaolin buried the bones of Buddha after he died.

Finally, we also watched the martial arts performance of Shaolin disciples. There are child skills, all kinds of pictographic boxing, nine section whip, double spear stabbing throat, sword, knife The wonderful performance won the applause of the audience.

“The ancient temple is hidden in the deep mountains, and the green stream locks Shaolin”. Shaolin Temple is really wonderful!

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