The peony blooms in the greenhouse in winter

February 10 this year is the 23rd of the twelfth month, which coincides with the lunar new year. After noon, the warm sun in winter is particularly warm. Our family came to Luoyang Peony Garden by taxi to enjoy the artificial greenhouse peony.

When entering the park, all kinds of potted flowers in the park compete for splendor and welcome tourists. Under the shade of green trees, the plum blossom, azalea, wintersweet and Camellia among the mountain paths are all colorful, competing to open, adding a gorgeous scene to the cold winter day and letting people feel the strong spring breath from time to time. Walking in the park, there are ups and downs of mountains, low hills and gentle mounds, vigorous trees. There are Qingyun Pavilion, Sifang Bajing Pavilion, Baimei Pavilion, meizhuang garden, yuanxiangxie Pavilion, Peony Pavilion, hippie garden and other scenic spots, which are fascinating and beautiful. Before we can appreciate the fragrance of peony, we are intoxicated with the pleasant scenery of ancient forest park. The highest part of the park is the four square eight view Pavilion, which can be seen from afar, with a panoramic view of the situation of Zhongshan Longpan and Shicheng Huju. It’s a pity that the attic is under repair. We went around the attic for a week, but we failed to climb the attic and overlook it, leaving a trace of regret.

Since ancient times, peonies have been the best in the world, and the capital is in motion when flowers bloom. Now, what kind of scenery should the peony cultivated in the artificial greenhouse have? “The beauty of the country, the fragrance of the heaven and the beauty of the world, are late in spring when it rains.” Peony should have been in the valley rain season, but now put down the “shelf”, really before the Spring Festival can enjoy their natural beauty? With doubts, the three of us walked into the greenhouse of the basin garden and saw only a basin of peonies. Against the green leaves, some were noble and elegant, leading the way, some were dignified and passionate, which was amazing, and some were in bud and full of feelings, like shy little girls hiding in the flowers. It is said that these peonies were transported from Luoyang to Nanjing. The horticulturists simulated the natural growth environment of Luoyang peonies and made them bloom in advance during the Spring Festival through the technology of “freezing” and “ripening”. Among these early maturing peonies, mainly red and purple are for citizens to watch during the Spring Festival. We saw several varieties that day, such as “crimson leaf”, “Tongyun”, “Wulong holding Sheng” and “moulou competing for brilliance”. However, the designs with the words “ink” and “black” were not really black, but beautiful deep purple. At this time, I don’t know where a few bees come from, and they are playing in the flowers, which adds some spring and wild interest to the artificial greenhouse.

We were busy putting the beautiful scenery into the camera one by one, marveling at the wonderful skill of the gardener. A man-made man is inferior to a man-made man. The wisdom and sweat of the garden masters are not in vain. Their dexterous hands create a brilliant spring scene for us. The flower color is attractive, the flower fragrance is intoxicating, the artificial greenhouse has become the flower world, the joyful ocean. Elegant orchids, flaming fairies, passionate azaleas, gorgeous camellia, graceful tulips, fragrant waxed plum blossoms, competing with the peonies in the national posture, just like a group of fairies in colorful clothes, dancing with light wings and arms in front of you, passing the joy of spring to everyone present happily. We roam in the ocean of flowers, feel the warmth and comfort of flowers, and also feel the novelty brought to us by modern technology. The blooming peony flowers, like smiling faces and greetings, are deeply engraved in our minds. It seems that we are worthy of this trip today.

Peony is famous for its plumpness and splendor. It has always been regarded as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. China has thousands of years of cultivation history. It is said that Empress Wu Zetian, the first empress of China, was drunk after drinking and ordered all flowers to bloom at the same time in the winter solstice, to cheer up the “hundred flowers feast”. All flowers dare not disobey, but the peony did not resist, showing the integrity. In a rage, Wu Zetian relegated the peony to Luoyang, but the peony won more people’s love and appreciation, and was known as the Peony Fairy. Luoyang has also become China An ornamental resort for peonies. If the queen is alive and sees the peony blooming in the greenhouse of the park today, how do you feel about it? In fact, the legend of history may not be credible. It is the progress of today’s flower cultivation technology that finally fulfills the dream that has not been realized before.

When we came to the peony garden outside the park, we saw thousands of peonies planted on the ground. The seemingly dry branches had sprouted little buds. In the warm sunshine, we worked hard to stretch the waist branches. In April and may, when the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, clusters of peonies waved in the wind, smiling and stretching their beautiful posture to the tourists. At that time, we will come to appreciate the peony.

At 4 p.m., we bid farewell to the envoys of early spring, left Gulin Park and drove back to our residence.

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