Lijingmen Introduction

· The Lijingmen was built in the Sui Dynasty. It has long been a place where hundreds of officials and people worshiped gods. It is the west gate of the ancient city of Luoyang.

· “Haven’t been to Luoyang without going to Lijingmen”, this is the location of Luoyang Old Street.

· You can come here to watch the scenery, taste local snacks, and learn about the historic Heluo culture.

· Every year on the New Year, there will be a “welcoming New Year at zero o’clock” event, you can ring the bell to symbolize the prosperity of the new year.

Add: Jinye Road, Old Town, Luoyang

Tickets: City wall ¥ 30, free in the old street

Opening hours: all day

Time reference: 2 hours

The Lijingmen is a symbol of the ancient city of Luoyang, and it has given it a new life.

When you first see it, you can appreciate its atmosphere, approach it, step on the Legend Bridge, and the white lions on the bridge pillars have different shapes Differently, the river is gently flowing under the bridge.


1. Going after 6pm will be more lively. “Night” is too beautiful.

2. There are many Luoyang specialities such as “Peony Cake”, “Bufan Soup” and so on.

3. There are many small craft shops, you can choose Tang Sancai or Peony Porcelain Memorial with Luoyang characteristics.

4. Snack Street is only available at night.

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