Longyu Bay Introduction

Longyu Bay is located in Luanchuan County, about 160 kilometers southwest of Luoyang City. The forest coverage in the scenic area is very high. It is a natural oxygen bar. The mountains in the scenic area are undulating, lush, clear streams and waterfalls can be seen everywhere. Even in summer, it is very cool and a good place for summer mountaineering.

There are Jiuqu clear water, leigongzhai, Xianren Valley, qiangushan, Heilongtan, dry lotus garden and other scenic spots in Longyu Bay scenic area, as well as jiuzhufeng, the highest peak in Central China – jijiaojian. Longyuwan scenic area has a large area, which is especially suitable for self driving tour (private cars are allowed to enter the scenic area). Tourists can drive from the west gate of the scenic area to enter the scenic area, and then drive eastward along the road in the scenic area to play all the way. They can leave the scenic area from the east gate of the scenic area. The east gate is connected with national highway 311, and they can go to Baiyun Mountain, muzaling and other places.

There are hotels in the scenic spot. Tourists with plenty of time can stay here for one night. In the morning, they can go to the chicken corner to watch the sunrise. If they are lucky, they can see the magnificent cloud sea. You don’t need to go to any scenic spots. In the morning, you can walk in the mountains at will, play with water at the side of the stream, breathe the fresh air here, relax yourself and take a natural vacation.

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