Luoyang local people show you around – Yuntai Mountain

Yuntai Mountain scenic spot mainly includes xiaozhaigou scenic spot, hongshixia, Wanshan temple, diecaidong, Zifang lake and other major scenic spots. Among them, hongshixia, xiaozhaigou and Zhuyu peak are tourist attractions, while diecaidong is the only way to Zhuyu peak. Tourists can enjoy the scenery on the sightseeing bus.

In the scenic spot, you can visit Hongshi gorge, which is called “bonsai gorge”. It belongs to Danxia landform. The rocks are all red. There are many cliffs on both sides of the gorge. There are waterfalls and streams in the valley, both of which are majestic in the north and beautiful in the South of the Yangtze River. Xiaozhaigou scenic spot, including quanpu gorge, tanpu gorge, kiwi Valley and other scenic spots, is known as “three steps one spring, five steps one waterfall, ten steps one pool”. There are more than ten waterfalls in the scenic area, among which the Yuntai waterfall, with a large fall across the country, has become a crystal clear ice waterfall in the cold winter and a charming snow scene with rime trees all around.

Zhuyu peak is the main peak in Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area, where there are towering ancient trees, lush vegetation and very fresh air. Wang Wei, a great poet of Tang Dynasty, once climbed the peak and wrote the famous saying of “being a stranger in a foreign country alone, thinking twice about relatives in every festival”, “knowing my brother’s climbing from afar, inserting Zhuyu less than one person”. The only way to pass through Zhuyu peak – Diecai cave, which is about 5km long, is composed of more than ten caves of different sizes. The difference between up and down is nearly km. The inside of the cave is a 180 degree turn. The vehicles are connected end-to-end here, and the curved holes are connected, forming a unique landscape.

If you have plenty of time, you can go to Wanshan temple in the mountains to pray and burn incense. The ancient temple was built in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, and its name is the imperial gift of the emperor Shenzong of the Ming Dynasty.

Accommodation and catering

There are many accommodation service areas in the scenic spot. Many tourists will choose to stay in the “shore service area”. It is close to hongshixia and Wanshan temple, and it is also an area where Chinese restaurants and hotels are concentrated. From here, you can get to all scenic spots in the mountain by sightseeing bus. In addition, there are “Zifang village service area” (near xiaozhaigou) and Heishiling service area (near the ticket office) in the mountain.

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