Luoyang International Peony Festival, unforgettable!

Luoyang, the ancient capital of the 13 dynasties, is a good place with charming scenery. The “bell of White Horse Temple” and “autumn wind of Luofu” have brought me infinite magical feeling in my childhood. The famous peony at home and abroad, like her moving legend, makes me yearn and fall in love.

When Kuang Lin and Luofu, who are in harmony with the spring and green scenery, are enjoying a warm spring breeze, they will bring us the attractive news that the peony flowers are growing day by day. At this time, tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists come one after another every day to enjoy the charm of “Peony Fairy”.

Wangcheng park has the most peonies, which is a must for tourists.

Look! Three thousand square meters of peony pool, flowers, colorful. That peach yellow, Weizi, Erqiao, charming fairy and so on nearly 250 varieties, at the moment is fighting for Jiao Douyan, as if to say: “come! More beautiful than any of us! ” Peach yellow hands holding a pile of yellow gold, in the sunshine, flashing gold, magnificent. Erqiao did not show weakness either. She shook off a two-color red dance skirt and danced with the petals swinging in the wind, as if nodding her head to the tourists, which was very charming. The “charming Fairy” is dressed in a white bathrobe, like the beauty just out of the water, bright and attractive.

In the peony center, there is the burning Luoyang red, the jade bone, the ice heart, and the beautiful Weizi That cluster of delicate varieties, surrounded by a graceful girl statue as high as five meters, that is the Peony Fairy, ah! Peony Fairy, for hundreds of years, you have won people’s praise for your unyielding character and arrogance. Today, you stand in the flowers, adding luster to the spring of your hometown. I wander in the brilliant peony Kingdom, infatuated. As if in a fairyland.

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