Only the true national color of peony can make the capital move when the flowers are blooming

“Only the true color of peony can make the capital move when the flowers are blooming.” “who will be the master of the youth when spring comes? The general leader of the group is peony.” this is a famous sentence describing peony. It’s dignified, natural and fragrant. It’s a word praising Peony But I don’t love peony somehow.

When I was a child, I often heard people’s banter to me, which all originated from my dark skin and peony. Every time I walk around, I always hear adults say to me: “what a Black Peony “After listening to this, I don’t know what beauty is. I always pout up, and I dare not lift my head to escape home. But when I get home, I hear the laughter of the adults even louder. So ignorant of my “hate” on the peony, always feel there is no peony, adults will not call me that.

A little bit bigger, I saw the real peony. When others were admiring and competing for photos, I always didn’t think so. I thought that the beauty of peony is beautiful, but it’s beautiful. It’s gaudy. I think it’s the favor of the world that makes peony famous. Although I don’t hate it anymore, I can’t say I like it.

Time in inadvertently quietly passed, a flash I have work, family, but the heart of the peony that part of the mustard has not disappeared. At this time, my family planted a peony, a Luoyang peony, which my son jokingly called “the flower and grass administrator”. My father-in-law is really like a treasure. He treats it like a child, even if he has had it before. Look, in spring, flowers and trees sprout, and peony has a “bracket” to support its weight; in hot summer, peony never has to worry about “heatstroke”. Every day, it can drink enough water. In midsummer, flowers and trees grow luxuriantly. Together, they are overcrowded. As for peony, it has its own territory, and there is no need to worry about someone robbing its nutrition; in autumn and winter, Gonggong In spite of all kinds of care, the peony can only stand in the cold wind. I can’t help laughing: “see what you can do“

Maybe I have the idea of seeing jokes. When I came to the flower bed, I paid a little more attention to the peony, but it’s not my favorite. This day, I walked slowly, because it was winter, the flower bed seemed to be bleak and cold, even a trace of green could not be found, and all the flowers and trees were shivering in the cold wind. Suddenly, I was lack of interest and wanted to turn around and go home. Suddenly, I found that the trunk of the peony was not bare. There seemed to be something on the brown trunk. I can’t help but look closely. Yes, there are buds on the branches. Although they are small, they are rare in the winter. Look at the buds as big as my nails and reddish brown. It seems that they have been growing for quite a long time. Since then, I have been interested in peonies, and I will go to see them every other week. I found that the buds of peony didn’t grow as fast as I expected, and it was indeed. It was not easy for it to resist the cold, let alone grow buds. By the end of winter, the bud was still inconspicuous, only vaguely felt that the outline of the bud was a big circle.

In a twinkling of an eye, when spring comes, the peony seems to wake up overnight after being moistened by the spring rain. Within a month, the bud has more than doubled, and then it branches and leaves. After that, its growth speed is even more amazing. The leaves grow out one by one. In March, the trees are full of green, and the buds stand quietly, bulging and proud. I counted it carefully, but I counted it several times, and the results were not the same. At this time, Gonggong came over and said, “don’t count like this. One leaf bud of peony has one branch, and one branch has only one flower bud. “I’m half happy and half suspicious, and I count them again. It’s true!

Another month later, the peony opened. The pink flower was the size of a small bowl. The diameter of a flower reached more than ten centimeters, and the petals piled up one after another. It was amazing how it accumulated so much enthusiasm. Who can say that it is not? It has accumulated the essence of autumn and winter and experienced the efforts of spring. Now, it is going to burst out with great vigour. Look, the flowers are in full bloom, such as mountains and rivers, so reckless, grand, so magnificent and vast. If it doesn’t open, it’s gone. If it opens, it’s going to pour out everything. If it’s going to open up, it’s going to make people face the peony. Except for admiration and worship, they don’t know what to do.

However, ten days later, the peony will lose all its beauty, and the green leaves will remain unchanged. Oh, there is a time for flowers to bloom, and there is a time for flowers to thank! In the face of the peony leaving silently, I can’t help feeling thousands of things, but I think of the unruly buds in the winter. Oh, I see. I see: The Peony never expected to be praised. So the emperor ordered the hundred flowers to bloom overnight to wait for her to play and watch tomorrow. The hundred flowers were awed by the imperial power, but the peony did not follow. It would rather distribute them to Luoyang. The peony just did what it wanted to do year after year, accumulating strength, waiting for the arrival of spring and blooming life. People have noticed the bravery of the peony and understood its noble spirit, so they praise it for its beauty, which is amazing. Oh, this is the peony. It has accumulated all its strength and bloomed brilliantly. So many of its good names are really famous. Facing this kind of peony, I can’t help but blush for the superficial face of my hour. Its efforts, its beauty should be expected, admired and praised by the world.

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