Luoyang local people show you around – Luoyang Old Street

Luoyang old street is also known as Laoji. It starts from lijingmen in the West and ends at Gulou in the East. The central part is cross street. Here you can experience the bustling scene of old Luoyang now, and you can eat all kinds of local delicacies in Luoyang, the most of which is Luoyang water mat. It’s almost a food paradise in Luoyang.

The old street culture was formed in jinzhongjing (1214). It was built on the site of Dongcheng, the eastern capital of Sui and Tang Dynasties. It has a history of more than 3050 years. This is the epitome of Luoyang’s urban history and culture. In addition to lijingmen, Gulou, octagonal building, Wenbi peak, etc., it also stands on the street. The shops in the East Street and the West Street also retain the traditional storefront. Most of these shops are in the style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. The brocade flags with the names of various businesses are hung outside the shops. You can feel the local people’s life atmosphere here.

The old street has kept its original style and features. There are many kinds of things sold in Qingshiban Road, brick shop, from snack bar, handicraft store to clothing store and hardware store, which are full of the taste of life. In the evening, the night market opened, outdoor tables and chairs, Luoyang water table, crowded, very lively. This is not a scenic spot. This is the living area of Luoyang people.

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