Peony culture promotes the sustainable development of Luoyang Tourism Industry

Integrating peony culture into the system of tourism development in Luoyang

The purpose of global tourism refers to that all available tourist attractions in the whole region have been developed into an attraction node to attract tourists. The overall image of tourism is prominent, the tourism facilities are complete, the tourism industry is rich and diverse, and the comprehensive regional space can attract tourists of considerable scale. Luoyang city is located in the central and western part of Henan Province, with convenient transportation network, complete tourism facilities and complete infrastructure construction. Luoyang city is rich in a variety of tourism resources, including historical and cultural landscape tourism resources represented by Longmen Grottoes and Baima temple, as well as natural landscape tourism resources represented by Baiyun Mountain and muzaling. In general, there are various types of tourism in Luoyang, and there is a huge space for tourism development in the whole region. As one of the symbols of Luoyang’s tourism image, peony culture is closely related to many tourism resources in the region and cannot be separated. The peony culture is further integrated into the overall layout of Luoyang’s tourism development. The influence of the peony culture as the name card of Luoyang’s city image is exerted, and the peony culture is taken as the connecting element to enhance the relevance between different business forms of Luoyang’s tourism industry, Promote the rapid development of Luoyang’s whole area tourism, and further realize the role of tourism in promoting the social and economic development of Luoyang.

Based on Luoyang Peony Culture Festival, promote the international transformation of Luoyang Tourism

The globalization of economy leads to the globalization of tourist market in tourism industry. Regional tourism resources gain more vitality in the process of globalization, and local tourism industry will also gain more tourist market. In the future development of Luoyang’s tourism, we should never neglect the grasp of the international market. Luoyang, as one of the eight ancient capitals of China, should grow into an international tourism city. In the process of opening up the international market, the international packaging and shaping of Luoyang Peony brand will play an important role. In the international tourism market, people have limited knowledge of peony culture, which leads to the low popularity of Luoyang Peony’s tourism brand and the lack of international influence of flower culture brands such as tulip in the Netherlands and cherry blossom in Japan. Taking 2017 as an example, during the Peony Culture Festival, Luoyang received 270700 foreign tourists in total, while the city received 24668600 tourists in total. The number of domestic tourists and foreign tourists formed a significant contrast, which shows the weak position of peony culture brand in the international tourism market, and also shows that peony culture has a great space for brand expansion. With the rapid flow of global tourism information resources and elements, many excellent local tourism resources can be promoted and spread around the world, which also provides a greater possibility for Luoyang peony culture brand to gain more popularity in the international tourism market. Luoyang Peony Culture Festival is an annual tourism event in Luoyang, and it is also the best time for Luoyang peony culture to go out. We should make full use of such tourism promotion platform and cultural exchange and communication platform as Luoyang Peony Culture Festival to further shape and package Luoyang Peony brand. We should also be good at using modern new media communication channels to promote peony culture as the characteristic tourism resources of Luoyang, the ancient capital, in diversified domestic and foreign tourism markets, so as to better display the features of Luoyang, and further develop the international tourism market of Luoyang.

Promote the development of the derivative products of peony cultural tourism in Luoyang and realize the multiple supply of the derivative products of peony cultural tourism

Cultural tourism derivatives represent the profound connotation of local cultural tourism and are an important part of local tourism. Cultural tourism derivative products include not only some physical products, but also the labor services generated by the needs of tourism and entertainment. Generally speaking, cultural derivatives is a special product, which integrates the consumption and supply of tourism. There are obvious deficiencies in the development of related tourism derivatives in Luoyang Peony cultural tourism industry. The product category is relatively single, and there are many real peony cultural tourism products, such as peony porcelain, peony painting and calligraphy and peony simulation flowers, which occupy a large space in the local tourism consumer goods market. However, there are few service-oriented cultural tourism products, especially experiential cultural tourism products, services and personalized customized products, which are difficult to meet the diversified tourism consumption needs of tourists. In the future, the development of the derivatives of peony culture tourism in Luoyang should adhere to the market orientation, adhere to the development basis of the characteristic tourism resources of peony culture, carry out extensive research and analysis and market segmentation for the tourism consumers, and carry out the innovative design and positioning of the derivatives of peony culture tourism. Continuously launch multi-level peony cultural tourism products that meet the needs of different consumers and have a high experience to meet the needs of tourists’ diversified tourism products.

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