Qiantangzhizhai – Epitaph Museum

Qiantangzhichai is located in the northwest corner of tiemen Town, Xin’an County, Luoyang. It was built by Zhang Fang, the founder of the Xinhai Revolution and the second member of the CPPCC National Committee. It is the only epitaph Museum in China. Mr. Zhang Fang is fond of Jinshi calligraphy and painting, and has collected extensively. He built a Zhai collection in “zhelu” garden of the former residence, named by Wang Guangqing and titled by Zhang Binglin as “qiantangzhichai”. There are 1419 epitaphs and steles in Zhai, including 1191 in Tang Dynasty. The content involves the Royal relatives, the Xiangguo Taiwei, the princes, the Weicheng, the Shencao, and the scholars, the Buddhists, the monks, the Taoists, the palace girls and other figures of all levels. It provides valuable information for the study of the social history of the Tang Dynasty. It has the function of proving, supplementing and rectifying the history. It is called “the book of Tang Dynasty in stone carving” by the historical circle.

This is a building including a corridor, three patios and 15 hole arched brick kilns. There are 1578 pieces of original stones, 1413 pieces of existing epitaph stone carvings, including 1185 pieces of Tang Dynasty, 228 pieces of Western Jin, Northern Wei, Sui, Five Dynasties, song, yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, Jingzhuang and other stone carvings. Most of them are Tang Dynasty inscriptions, so they are called “qiantangzhichai”.

Traffic guide:

Bus: take the long-distance bus from Luoyang to Xin’an County (1 hour) at Luoyang station or Gushui, or take the long-distance bus from Luoyang to Yima and Sanmenxia of Mianchi to Goutou, transfer to the No.2 bus terminal from Xin’an County to tiemen, tiemen square (40 minutes) or the terminal from Luoyang to Qiantang zhizhai.

Driving: Luoyang – Xin’an County – Goutou village – tiemen village, west along the national highway 310, South to tiemen village in Goutou village.

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