Study on the development of Luoyang’s famous historical and cultural city under the whole region tour

(1) Global planning and precise positioning

In urban planning and positioning, it affects the direction and state of the future development of the city. In order to build a historical and cultural city, the orientation and planning should be accurate. We should adhere to the Luoyang brand of the origin of China, the starting point of the Silk Road, the Millennium capital and the Peony Flower City, and the orientation of the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties. Luoyang has a long history and culture. In the process of planning and construction, we should adhere to the principle of overall planning and people-oriented. From the perspective of long-term development of tourism, urban planning should cooperate with various departments to break the old ideas. For the next development of Luoyang, we should adhere to the leadership of the government, the joint efforts of all departments, strengthen the utilization of social resources, and the participation of the whole people. Starting from the whole, we should integrate past experience, and use the power among resources, products and industries to create the maximum economic benefits. And carry out the activities of Luoyang characteristic history and culture in relevant places, speed up the cultural construction between Luoyang urban areas, build the tourism belt of Luohe culture, so as to better enhance the tourism competitiveness of Luoyang.

(2) Strengthen cultural protection and promote the construction of famous tourist cities

Luoyang is a city with strong history and culture. More attention should be paid to the protection and development of history and culture, which is also the advantage and focus of Luoyang. In this link, we need to focus on the Xia, Shang and three times, after the Sui and Tang Dynasties cultural development level. For the development of Luoyang culture, a more important aspect is to carry forward the intangible culture, to excavate, organize, develop and protect the heritage. For example, a series of traditional advantageous brand resource projects, such as Heluo water mat, Luoyang palace lantern, Tang Sancai, Pingle Zhenggu and wine, were promoted. In the integration and development of culture and the whole area, we should surround the points and areas everywhere, strengthen the cultural publicity, such as: peony culture, folk custom, celebrities, religion, etc., make use of various resources, strengthen the publicity of Longmen Grottoes, national archaeological sites Park, old city, etc., develop clean roads, strengthen the development of the Yellow River culture and ecological scenery.

(3) Constantly innovating the transportation infrastructure to lay a foundation for the cultural development of Luoyang under the overall tourism

First, speed up the construction of subway and tram. Speeding up the construction of subway and tramcar can improve the convenience of the internal traffic of Luoyang and share the traffic flow.

Second, bus tracks, railways and trams are combined with each other. In the transportation, Metro and trams can effectively supplement and improve the traffic coverage, so as to better carry out the whole tourism construction.

Third, strengthen the infrastructure of various trains. Improve the import and export of old trains, enhance their beauty, and supplement the corresponding facilities, such as rest area, people flow dispersion area, etc., to enhance the ability of service and passenger dispersion, and slow down the extreme traffic jam in Luoyang in the peak period. At the same time, it lays a solid foundation for the development of Luoyang Tourism resources.

(4) Global marketing, full name publicity

In the current situation, the individuation and globalization of tourism need to be strengthened constantly, and the marketing means of enterprises and the application of various media should be innovated. First of all, starting from marketing, promote the development of tourism projects in Luoyang. In this way, we should choose the right methods for tourism marketing, give reasonable planning, innovate marketing means, look at the world with a development perspective, develop in the long run, integrate the advantages of existing resources, adapt to the new situation, carry out targeted whole network marketing, and actively carry out relevant cooperation.

With the help of the advantages of the Internet, combined with the big data analysis of intelligent tourism, accurate analysis, positioning and service. Formulate and implement the image publicity plan of Luoyang historical and cultural city, actively promote the image of the city, and create a good image. We should actively mobilize the participation of all people in marketing, disseminate the Luoyang cultural spirit of “lofty beauty, tolerance and openness, good faith and integrity” through the major network media platforms, video websites and official account numbers. With the help of media dissemination power, we encourage Luoyang citizens to actively disseminate Luoyang’s beautiful image and fully play the market vitality.

For example, Luoyang palace lantern has been shown in a series of films and TV works, such as the TV series “Empress Wu” and the movie “the golden armour in the city”. Therefore, in the specific publicity process, Luoyang palace lantern can be effectively integrated with films, TV plays and other forms to better highlight the cultural characteristics of Luoyang. For example, the rise of Shanxi Qiaojia courtyard is precisely because of the popularity of the TV drama Qiaojia courtyard. Therefore, by drawing on relevant experience, relevant departments can set up special incentive funds to guide professionals across the country to shoot and make Luoyang palace lantern promotional films, apply them to different media, and then expand the scope of Luoyang palace lantern, and further expand the popularity of Luoyang famous city.

In addition, it can also effectively integrate with the specific situation of palace lamp, expand cultural tourism thinking, make relevant tourism crafts and souvenirs, highlight Luoyang cultural products, improve Luoyang’s popularity and attract more tourism resources. It can enhance the sense of the times in the works. Taking the wood New Year pictures as an example, the themes previously depicted are mostly fairy stories and door gods and Buddha statues, which do not meet the needs of modern people. As a result, engraving artists began to record modern life in Wood New Year pictures, significantly enhancing the vitality of Wood New Year pictures. Luoyang palace lamp can also be innovated. According to people’s actual needs, some works reflecting the theme of the times can be printed on Luoyang palace lamp to enhance the timeliness of Luoyang palace lamp. Through the above analysis, we can know that effective means of publicity can better promote the development of cultural tourism resources in Luoyang, so as to better promote the development of famous cities in Luoyang under the global tourism.

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