Problems and causes of tourism development in Luoyang

(1) Lack of necessary positioning

In the development of Luoyang’s tourism industry, there is a lack of the concept of overall planning and precise positioning of its own tourism resources. The development of each famous tourism city and the effective integration of its own tourism resources lead to the decentralization of resources. Therefore, the construction of Luoyang’s tourism cities is largely restricted.

(2) Lack of cultural connotation and competitiveness

The core of Luoyang’s tourism competitiveness is culture. Luoyang is closely related to Confucianism, Taoism, metaphysics and Neo Confucianism. Luoyang culture is deeply rooted in this land and has rich cultural potential. However, the current cultural construction only involves the identity of the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties, Longmen Grottoes, peonies and so on, lacking more in-depth cultural excavation.

(3) The development of cultural tourism is restricted by traffic

First, the traffic jam in the urban development will directly affect the increase of tourists in the later period. Often in the peak season of tourism, urban roads are extremely blocked, which is not conducive to people’s travel. At the same time, the key scenic spots in Luoyang are not concentrated, such as Longmen Grottoes in the southern suburbs, Baima temple in the eastern suburbs. There is no complete system of tourism and traffic jams in Luoyang, which is not conducive to people’s smooth travel.

Second, the construction level of road facilities and the accessibility of roads around the city need to be improved, and the station construction is simple. Although Luoyang railway network is relatively developed, and it is close to Zhengzhou, but the station construction is not in place, which restricts the development of subsequent tourism.

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