The development of Luoyang peony festival in the past 30 years

1 Luoyang Peony Festival

Local festivals (1983-1990)

Luoyang peony is the best in the world, which is our catchy words since childhood. When we mention peony, people naturally think of Luoyang as the city. In the memory of Luoyang people, when the peony blooms in April every year, Luoyang people will go to Wangcheng park to enjoy the flowers and watch them, and are always ready to entertain guests and friends from afar.

In 1983, Luoyang Peony Fair came into being in the east wind of reform and opening up. On April 15, 1983, the opening ceremony of the first Peony Fair was held in the Peony Pavilion of Wangcheng park. The title of the speech given by Ren PUEN, then mayor, was “welcome, guests of peony city”. “In order to revive the reputation of” peony city “, activate people’s life and promote the” two famous constructions “, our city will hold Peony Fair from April 15 to 25 every year,” he said.

As one of the symbols of Luoyang City, “Peony Fairy” sculpture made its debut. The first Dudan flower fair was a local festival, affecting only tourists from Luoyang City and its surrounding counties. At that time, there were no decent hotels and hotels in Luoyang, and the reception capacity was low. According to Luoyang daily, breweries stepped up the production of fresh orange soda, and financial and trade workers transported 150 vehicles of food to Wangcheng park one day The busy scene is obvious.

At the H Peony Fair in 1985, Luoyang Municipal Party committee and municipal government clearly put forward the guidelines of “revitalizing Luoyang economy, strengthening technical exchange, opening up information channels, expanding foreign exchanges”, taking flowers as media and singing opera in economy and trade “, which brought great economic benefits to Luoyang. After the opening ceremony, the first Sino foreign economic and Trade Fair was held in friendship hotel and ended on the 19th. Although the scale of the first conference was not large, it attracted 160 guests from home and abroad and signed 68 agreements and contracts, including mineral development, joint venture, transfer of technological achievements, etc. the total amount of agreements and contracts was 336.11 million yuan, including 3 million yuan of foreign investment, which played a great role in invigorating Luoyang’s economy. In this period, the cultural festival of Luoyang Peony Fair was mainly led by the government. The government fully operated every link of the Peony Fair. The government was responsible for flower appreciation, festival arrangement, ticket income, investment attraction, organization meeting, W and cultural and entertainment activities, which undoubtedly increased the burden on the local government of Luoyang. The lack of funds led to the low level. All these problems existed In that year’s peony festival.

2 Luoyang Peony Fair, Henan Province

Provincial festivals (1991-2010)

In 1991, the 9th Luoyang Peony Fair in Henan Province was officially named “Luoyang Peony Fair in Henan Province”. Li Changchun, then governor of the province, pointed out: “to further run Luoyang Peony Fair, Luoyang Peony Fair, to provide a stage for the opening up of the province. The Provincial Tourism Bureau, the provincial economic and Trade Commission and other relevant units should closely cooperate with each other, set up a platform in the city, and perform opera in the whole province, so that the effect of Luoyang Peony Flower Fair will affect the whole Henan region.

In 1993, the first session of the 11th Peony Fair, China’s peony group was established in Luoyang; Guanlin trade city was completed and opened, and Asia group settled in Luoyang. For a time, Luoyang became a national hot spot, which objectively played a positive role in establishing Luoyang’s open city image. In the same year, many star actors and actresses came to Luoyang to give grand performances at the Qiaodan ceremony, and leaders of various countries also came to Luoyang to enjoy the flowers. This year’s Peony Fair received 1.5 million tourists, including 6050 overseas tourists, with a turnover of 31.138 billion yuan in economic and trade activities and a foreign investment of 2.772 billion yuan.

In 1999, since the 10th Peony Fair, the government no longer arranged the celebration party of the Peony Fair, but it was organized by enterprises and began to move towards marketization. In 1996, the government began to invite public bids for major enterprises, and the loan can be paid back in the next year with the export bill. Therefore, festival operation is on the track of sound development.

Since 2000, no matter the political circles want to talk about or the art performances, they have gathered here during the peony flower festival. In 2004, the booth of the industrial exhibition was hard to find, and the cultural and tourism activities were rich and colorful. In 2007, the new cultural and tourism attractions were developed and utilized, and the traffic roads were greatly expanded. In 2009, the 10th Luoyang Peony Fair, the most eye-catching is the world post exhibition held in Luoyang at the same time. This post exhibition is to stop in the hometown of peony 10 years after leaving China and meet the flower fair. This flower fair create a great sensation. Many stars such as Jay Chou and Cai Qin came to lo to hold the first time. The cultural industry and tourism industry were fully integrated. Leaders of the national president Xi Jinping and Zhang Dejiang also came together to investigate. The Peony Fair received 15 million 130 thousand visitors and more than 200 investment projects, with a total investment of about 70,000,000,000 yuan.

3 Luoyang Huadan Culture Festival

National festivals (2011 – Now)

As one of the four major festivals in China, the annual Luoyang Peony Fair has been upgraded to a national festival since the 29th session with the approval of the Ministry of culture. It is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of culture and Henan provincial government and officially renamed as the Luoyang Peony Culture Festival in China. The 29th Peony Culture Festival is also held in conjunction with May 1st, which is extended from April 1st to May 10th. Under the leadership of the Ministry of culture, the Henan provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the Provincial Department of culture and Luoyang started the preparatory work from the end of 2010 to ensure that the Peony Culture Festival can be held at a high level, with its characteristics, with new ideas and highlights. The main activities of economic and trade, culture, sports, tourism and other departments have also been well planned. Later, in order to meet the viewing needs of different tourists, Luoyang city also set up heat preservation greenhouses in the main peony viewing areas through artificial control of the flowering period, so as to ensure that the peonies in the urban area form the second open pattern of early, middle and late varieties during the whole Peony Culture Festival.

By the 33rd Peony Fair in 2015, Luoyang had received 21.37 million tourists, with a total tourism revenue of 12.518 billion, up 22.3% and 24.1% respectively in the same period. In the past 33 years, the Luoyang Peony Fair has been held for 33 consecutive times in the magical land of the ancient capital of 13 dynasties. Now, the Peony Fair has shown its more and more strong vitality, has a great momentum, goes deep into the human settlements, and has created its own unique brand label. It has become the name card of Luoyang City and the lifeblood of Luoyang’s development, bringing cultural and economic effects to Luoyang. It has become an important carrier for Luoyang to speed up opening up and realize scientific development.

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