Don’t know how to play Yuntai mountain. take a look at the 2-day tourist route

Tickets to Yuntai Mountain

Admission: 210 yuan (including 150 yuan and 60 yuan).

The ticket is a fingerprint card. First input your fingerprint into the card at the ticket office. When entering the park at each scenic spot, use the fingerprint to check with the card. The ticket is valid for two days. So if you arrive later in the afternoon, don’t buy the ticket first, and then buy the ticket the next morning.

Yuntai Mountain is a very convenient scenic spot bus, you can go to various scenic spots to play, get on and off without checking tickets

Yuntai Mountain is most suitable for a 2-day tour. Our itinerary is arranged as follows:

D1:In the morning, take a bus to quanpu gorge, tanpu gorge and macaque valley. This is a scenic spot, where you can check your ticket once. In the afternoon, take a bus back to hongshixia, because it’s a one-way street without turning back, so hongshixia goes into Zifang lake and out, and by the way, visit Zifang lake. You can also go to Wanshou Temple (a very small temple) as early as you come back.

D2:In the morning, I took a bus to Zhu Yu peak (pronounced Zhu Yu Feng), passing by Diecai Cave (no parking). Diecai cave was 14 caves that people dug in order to climb and descend the mountain at 180 degrees. Zhuyu peak is 1297.6 meters above sea level, with beautiful scenery, but there are many tired steps (it is said that there are more than 2000 steps) and there is Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area, with relatively flat road. In the afternoon, you can take a bus to baijiaya exit the gate or take a bus to Jiaozuo passenger station in the shore service area.

1、 Quanpu gorge, tanpu gorge and macaque Valley Scenic Spot

This scenic spot is in the northwest direction of Yuntai Mountain scenic spot. You can take a bus to the shore service area.

Entering the scenic spot, a quiet river is decorated into several pools, with trees and willows on both sides, which gives a good mood outside the personality.

There are catering service center and local specialty business Pavilion in the scenic spot, which is very convenient for eating and shopping.

Quanpu gorge is in the deepest part. There are battery cars with separate tickets, but they can only take you one kilometer away. You have to walk the rest of the mountain road. After inquiring about some tourists, they said that there was no water in quanpu gorge, so there was no waterfall, so we didn’t go up. There is no water in the upper reaches.

Spring waterfall gorge is near the pool waterfall Gorge (also known as xiaozhaigou), to follow the road signs in and out, on the one hand, the best view, on the other hand, the safest, do not go against the signs.

Tanpu gorge is very beautiful. It can be called “three steps and one spring, five steps and one waterfall, and ten steps and one pond”. Walking slowly on the road, we enjoy the scenery brought by nature.

Follow the way back to the macaque valley. Although it is not big, the road is very steep, and there is not much to see. The tourists heard that there are no macaques jumping in the mountain stream, but there are several monkeys in the cage of a zoo.

2、 Hongshixia

After the tour, you can go down the mountain to hongshixia, the classic scenic spot of Yuntai mountain.

Hongshixia is a zigzag Canyon formed by surface water cutting down two groups of fissures in the purple red quartz sand since 2.6 million years ago. It is about 1.5km long, tens of meters wide and more than 60m deep. The red rock and clear water in the canyon are like spring all the year round. The scenic spot is beautiful, quiet, majestic and dangerous, with springs, waterfalls, streams and pools in one valley. It is known as “bonsai Canyon”.

3、 Zifang Lake

Zifang lake is actually ma’anshi reservoir in Xiuwu County, upstream of Hongyan gorge. Zifang lake is 4000 meters long and 65 meters deep. In June 2002, the peach blossom jellyfish was first found in the lake.

4、 Wanshan Temple

Wanshan temple was built in Wanli period of Ming Dynasty. In those days, Yuntai Mountain was chosen to build a temple, which means to be in the center of the four directions, to win everything, and to return ten thousand dharmas to the emperor. The temple of Wanshan temple is called Shenzong Yuci.

5、 Dogwood peak

Zhuyu peak is also the most worth seeing scenic spot of Yuntai mountain. Zhuyu peak is a holy place for literati and monks to practice. Sun Simiao, the king of medicine, once collected herbs and made pills here, leaving traces of Yaowang cave and so on. There are dense vegetation, towering ancient trees, thousand year famous Taxus, pentagonal maple and Taihang flower. Stepping on a thousand steps of ladder and plank road to climb the top of Zhuyu peak, 1308 meters away from Shanghai, the poet suddenly had the heroic spirit of “being the top of the mountain and seeing the small mountains at a glance”. Wang Wei, a great poet of Tang Dynasty, once came to this peak and wrote, “I’m a stranger in a foreign land, and I think twice about my family during the festival. I know from afar that when my brother ascends the heights, there is only one person missing in dogwood.

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