How much do you know about Shaolin Monastery in Songshan ?

At the sight of the three words “Shaolin Temple”, students may think of several little monks sweeping the floor or a group of eminent monks practicing martial arts in the temple with brooms, or the scene of fighting in the movie “Shaolin Temple”. But apart from the temple itself, do you think of anything else? We should also think of the five famous mountains at home and abroad – Mount Tai in the East, Mount Hengshan in the south, Mount Hua in the west, Mount Hengshan in the north and Mount Song in the middle, because Shaolin Temple is just above Mount Song in the middle.

As the saying goes: seeing is believing, hearing is deceitful. Now I’m going to lead you to mount song.

Let’s unveil its mystery together.

When we come to Songshan, we must first enter the “thousand year old temple” – Shaolin Temple. Let’s go to see some places that everyone is interested in! Standing in front of the Mountain Gate of the temple, the first thing we see is the three characters of “Shaolin Temple” written by Emperor Kangxi. There is also a square seal of “the treasure of Kangxi imperial pen”.

Then we are going to enter the temple. As soon as we enter the temple, the big trees in the temple attracted my attention. Because each strong tree is full of small holes, we thought it was bitten by small insects at the beginning. Later we learned that it was left by Shaolin disciples when they practiced fingering. Seeing this, we will think of one person, Xu Shiyou, the founding General of the Republic. General Xu Shiyou was a cowherd when he was a child. Later, he went to Shaolin Temple to practice martial arts. At last, he was proficient in 18 kinds of weapons, such as swords, swords and sticks. The several meter high wall in the temple could leap up in a few steps, and the three inch thick brick could be broken in one hand. Thus, Shaolin Kung Fu is very good. However, if you want to practice Shaolin Kung Fu well, you have to be like learning. You can only succeed if you make progress every day.

Now we continue to move forward and see an ancient building with three words of “Lixue Pavilion”. Mentioned here, there is also a story of singing and learning from a teacher: it is said that Huike, the second ancestor of Zen, wanted to learn Buddhism from Bodhi Dharma, but Bodhi Dharma didn’t take him in. On a snowy day, Huike knelt in the snow and begged for help. Bodhidharma wanted to try his sincerity, so he said to Huike, “I’ll take you as an apprentice unless there are red snowflakes in the sky.” Huike cut off her right arm and dyed the snow red. His sincerity finally moved Bodhi Dharma. The story of Huike, the second ancestor of Zen, makes us understand that we should be single-minded in our work, and as long as we stick to our goals, we will achieve great achievements.

As we continued to move forward, we soon came to the practice room of Shaolin monks. The hole left by Shangren in Shaolin Temple is still clear. Looking at those potholes, I can’t help but admire how hard they practice martial arts! They should be our model.

Out of the practice room, we came to Tallinn. Tallinn is the tomb of eminent monks of all generations in Shaolin Temple. There are more than 230 pagodas on the west side of Shaolin Temple. It is called “Tallinn” because it is different in height, low, large and small, and it spreads like a forest. The ancient pagodas have different styles and shapes because of the different ages of the buildings. The two oldest pagodas in the Tang Dynasty show a kind of classical beauty as a whole!

The visit to Shaolin Temple is over for the time being. Children, if you are still interested in Shaolin Temple, you can take action to experience its charm.

Next time we should climb Song Mountain. First we came to fairy lake. The water there is so clear! There are some black things in the water. Look carefully. It turns out that they are tadpoles. They are so cute! Looking at the continuous mountains in the distance, we made up our mind to climb to the top, where the sign was erected. Looking at those people who are too tired to return halfway, we encourage each other to continue climbing. But we still have a short distance to take the cable car. We finally climbed to the top of the mountain with the help of nine oxen and two tigers, and looked at the craggy little mountain beside us. At this time, we really felt that we could be the top of the mountain and see all the small mountains. Shout to the distance, echo from the sky. I am proud that I can keep climbing to the top of the mountain.

Although I have visited Shaolin Temple and climbed Songshan Mountain, their culture still affects me; their spirit still inspires me and makes me learn to do things without fear of difficulties and dare to persist.

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