Luoyang to Shaolin Temple self help tour strategy

Luoyang – Dengfeng – sanhuangzhai – Shaoshi mountain – Tallinn – Shaolin temple tour, Shifang temple – Martial Arts Museum to watch the performance.

7: 00 arrive at the railway station (central bus station) and take the bus to Dengfeng. (evik, 14.5 yuan, about two hours)

10: 00 to Dengfeng, take bus No.3 from the terminal to Gengzhuang. After getting off, you can have a face-to-face puller and directly sit at the entrance of sanhuangzhai scenic area, 10 yuan / person. Climbing from sanhuangzhai is not as steep as Taishi mountain. There will be a suspension bridge in the middle. It’s an hour’s journey from the suspension bridge to the exit from sanhuangzhai to Shaolin. If the physique is not too bad, sanhuangzhai mountain road can walk out in about 3 hours. Then there’s a small rest area. There’s a cableway to choose from. There’s no need to go back and forth. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to go back and forth. I’ve climbed for so long. I can walk 75 minutes more to get out of the mountain. Besides, the road from sanhuangzhai to Shaolin Temple is all downhill. It’s very easy to walk.

From sanhuangzhai, you can choose to take a seat. You can get to Tallinn by 10 yuan / car. There is no fence in Tallinn. You can visit it at will. At that time, there should be a tourist group to play and listen to it. Take a look at the latest tower, which has planes, ships, laptops

It takes 20 minutes to walk from Tallinn to Shaolin Temple. There will be a fork in the road leading to Zuan and Damo cave. It is said that it takes three or four hours to climb to the Momo cave. So you can see the Damo cave from a distance. At the fork, you can see a white Damo statue on the mountain in the distance. It looks like a pavilion next to it.

There are also many tourist groups to Shaolin Temple. You can listen to the guide. Take photos, listen to the story

There is a ten square Buddhist temple opposite Shaolin Temple. There are 500 Arhats in it. When you go in, you will count the Arhats and find your bodyguard Arhats. The master explains it for 10 yuan. The staff in it is a bit bad. Of course, you can ignore them and come out directly.

It’s 15 minutes to the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Museum. You should still see martial arts performances. The last one in summer is 5:00-5:30 p.m. and the last one in winter is 16:00-16:30 a little earlier. So when you travel in winter, you should pay close attention to visiting Shaolin Temple. I took a performance schedule in front of the martial arts museum, and posted it here for your reference: 9:30-10:00, 10:30-11:00, 11:30-12:00, 14:00-14:30, 15:00-15:30, 16:00-16:30, 17:00-17:30 (summer).

It’s 15 minutes’ walk from the martial arts museum to the exit. There are many long-distance buses passing by. Luoyang and Zhengzhou buses can take No.8 bus back to the city. It’s 2 yuan / person. There’s no stop sign. Just wait by the road.

In addition, for the route, simply list the time between each scenic spot:

Sanhuangzhai entrance – (2 hours) – Suspension Bridge – (1 hour) – sanhuangzhai exit – (5-10 minutes) – cableway ride point – (1 hour) – parking lot – cableway ride point – Tallinn – (20 minutes) – Shaolin Temple, Shifang temple – (15 minutes) – Martial Arts Museum – (15 minutes) – Shaolin Temple pass (parking lot, bus 8) )

What I want to say is that many people come to the Shaoshi mountain only after they have visited the Shaolin Temple. If they climb from the Shaolin Temple, it will be hard to get to the entrance of sanhuangzhai from the gentle slope of 75 minutes at the beginning. Moreover, they are a little tired after they have visited the Shaolin Temple. It’s hard to climb again, so I recommend climbing from sanhuangzhai. The scenery of sanhuangzhai is very good. It’s very open-minded to see the rolling peaks and steep cliffs. If you feel tired to climb Taishi mountain, you can choose not to go to Sanhuang village Take No. 8 bus to Shaolin Temple in the morning, and visit Zhongyue temple in the afternoon. If you want to visit Shaolin first and then climb Sanhuang village, you can take a cableway in Tallinn, get a round-trip ticket for cableway, climb to Sanhuang village for an hour and look at the suspension bridge, and then turn back. I think such a way of walking is very tragic It costs a lot to go back. If you don’t take the cableway, it takes time. However, there is a battery car in the scenic spot, 10 yuan / person. You can get to the Shaolin temple crossing from the entrance of the ten square Zen courtyard.

After visiting Songyang academy, you can climb Taishi mountain, descend to the top of Junji peak and go to Luya waterfall.

Take bus No.1 from the main station, and then transfer from “Shibiao” to bus No.2 to Songyang Academy (ask the local people for directions). Visit Songyang Academy University

Summary 1-2 hours, if the self-help tour is just to see and take photos at will, the time should not be too long, and there is no tour group to arrive too early, so it is unlikely to listen to the guide’s explanation. However, there are retired old cadres in each scenic spot who are voluntary guides. They can explain to you. It is estimated that they usually arrive after 9 o’clock. Maybe there’s a wild guide waiting for you to explain something to you. I didn’t notice whether there was a wild guide in Songyang academy or not. There was a wild guide in Zhongyue temple. I took advantage of the fact that there were no tourists in the morning.

There are many scenic spots in Taishi mountain, and they are scattered. You can go to Fawang temple and Wenfeng temple when you come out of Songyang Academy. It’s a few kilometers away. You can consider making a face-to-face meeting. You can bargain with the driver. It shouldn’t be too expensive on average if there are many people. It used to look like there were three wheeled motorcycles. They could go to nearby scenic spots for only 5 yuan. When I went there, I didn’t see any of them, so I was forced to fight alone I visited the Fawang temple with a tour group, led by a little monk, where I listened to the master read the Heart Sutra, sat quietly and made a wish, and then came out to burn a piece of Fuwen paper, which was intended to show that the wish made in Fawang temple would come true in the future. There is a Wenfeng tower in Wenfeng temple. There’s nothing else to see. It’s ok if you don’t go in time. Then I went to laomu cave. In fact, it was at the foot of Taishi mountain. There was a monument named “Taishi mountain square” at the entrance. Enter the mountain from the entrance there and climb for about 15 minutes to see Laomu Cave (Laojun cave).

The mountain is steep all the way up, so climb slowly. There are also temples and palaces on the road. You will pass Wuji palace, Guanyin Pavilion, Junji palace and so on I didn’t climb the back, so According to previous travel notes, it is estimated to take three or four hours to climb the summit, which varies from person to person. “There is a clear road sign indicating the direction on Songshan mountain. One road leads to Songyue temple tower and Fawang temple, and the other leads to Luya waterfall.” “The road sign from the summit to Luya waterfall is 7.5km”, so there is a long way to go, about 2 hours. On the way down the mountain, there will be a line of sky passing by. The line of sky already belongs to Luya scenic area. I don’t know if there are independent tickets in Luya scenic area, whether to collect tickets from the line of sky, and whether anyone checks the tickets. It is said that there is also an hour’s journey from Xiantian to Luya waterfall. After arriving at Luya waterfall, you can walk more than half an hour to the parking lot at the exit of Luya scenic area. You can take a taxi back to the city.

It’s estimated that it’s 5:00 p.m. from Luya waterfall. It may be a little tight to go to Zhongyue temple. If the speed is fast, come from Luya waterfall at 4 o’clock, you may as well go to Zhongyue temple, because these two places are not too far away. If you don’t have time, put it on the last day.

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