Longmen Grottoes Introduction

· One of China’s four largest grottoes, with a long history, excavation has gone through many dynasties, and has been built intermittently for more than 500 years.

· Many caves carved during the Northern Wei Dynasty, the ancient caves, the Binyang Middle Cave, the Lotus Cave, and the Cave Temple are the most representative.

· There are more than 97,000 Buddha statues, of which the Xishan Grottoes are the essence, including the Buddha statues of Lusna and “Twenty Pinnacles of the Dragon Gate”.

· Among the key caves of the Longmen Grottoes in the Tang Dynasty, the magnificent and magnificent statues of the Great Lushen-like group of eagles are most famous.

Add: Longmen Town, Longmen Avenue, Luolong District, Luoyang.

Tickets: ¥ 100

Opening hours: 8: 00-18: 00

Time reference: 4 hours

The Luchena Buddha at Fengxian Temple in Longmen Grottoes is 17.14 meters high. It is said to be carved according to the face of the empress Wu Zetian. The meticulous carvings reflect the glory of Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty. “The most beautiful Buddha,” historians call it the crystallization of Chinese Buddhist thought, the soul of an artist, and the blood and sweat of ordinary people!

Looking at Longmen Mountain from a distance, you can see the large and small caves of 2345, telling the glory of the past, the mottled traces tell us that this is long history.

The Xiangshan Temple above Xiangshan looks peaceful and mysterious.

White Garden——Bai Juyi’s cemetery. Bai Juyi (白居易), a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, once said “the triumph of Luodu’s suburbs, the first gate of Longmen”. The name is “Xiangshan Jushi (香山居士)”, and he chose to sleep here after his death.


1. The northeast service area is three kilometers from the ticket office of the scenic spot. It is recommended to take a scenic transportation vehicle for 10 yuan / person.

2. You should bring a parasol or hat when there is not much shade in the area.

3. There are four scenic spots in the scenic area, and each place must be checked for tickets. Depending on the physical strength, whether to visit the Dongshan Grottoes, Xiangshan Temple and White Garden is selected.

Bai juyi (1) Car Rental (1) China War God (1) Dingdingmen (3) Dried Lacquer Statues (1) Erlitou Site Museum (1) Fengxian Temple (1) Guanlin Temple (2) Guanyu (1) Heluo Culture (1) Kung Fu (3) Lijingmen (1) Longmen Grottoes (47) luoyang (5) Luoyang Ancient Art Museum (2) Luoyang Museum (32) luoyang old street (1) Luoyang Peony Festival (39) Luoyang Restaurant (6) Luoyang Shovel (1) luoyang tourism (23) Mingtang (13) Pagoda Forest (8) Qiyun Pagoda (1) Shaolin Temple (30) Sui Dynasty (1) Tang Dynasty (3) Tiantang (3) Water Banquet (1) White Garden (1) White Horse Temple (21) Wu Zetian (3) Xia Dynasty Capital (1) Xiangshan Temple (3) Yingtianmen (2) Yongning Pagoda (1) Yuntai Mountain (29)

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