Guanlin Temple Introduction

· Guan Lin was named after the first-level burial of the Guanyu, China War God. It was built during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty and was expanded during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. It now covers an area of 100 mu.

· This is the only ancient classic building in China that combines the three graves, temples, and forests. The building specifications are built in the form of a palace, and the layout is rigorous and spectacular.

· The most distinctive feature of the ancient building complex is the dance building. In addition, there are many stone monuments here, the ancient cypress towering, and the incense is exuberant.

· On September 29 each year, the Guanlin International Pilgrimage Ceremony will be held here. At that time, overseas temple ancestors and clan organizations will come to Guanlin to hold a grand worship ceremony.

Add: 500 meters east of Guanlin Road, Longmen Avenue, Luolong District, Luoyang.

Tickets: ¥ 40

Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 00

Time reference: 1 hour

One of China’s three major Guan temples, the head burial site of Guan Yu, a famous trio of three kingdoms.

According to legend, Guan Lin was the first place of Shu Yu, the general of Guan Shu when the Three Kingdoms were buried. The former was the ancestral temple and then the tomb. It is located in Guanlin Town, 7 kilometers south of the old city of Luoyang City, Henan Province. In the 20th year of the Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty (1592), on the original site of the Guan Temple in the Han Dynasty, it was expanded to cover an area of more than 200 acres, with four courtyards and 150 halls and halls. The “Qianqiujian” building standing on the square is where the old “Deng Ying Luo Gu Hua Xing Wang” . The Ming Dynasty stone lions, separated on both sides of the gate, are sloppy and inviolable.

The vigorous Cooper added some mystery to it, as if back to the era of the Three Kingdoms.

The last is Guan Yu’s grave. The burning incense reflects people’s respect for Guan Yu. If you walk around the grave, you can go clockwise to pray for good luck and run counterclockwise to get rid of bad luck.


1. Guanlin Temple and Longmen Grottoes are on the same line, and you can arrange tours together not far.

2. There are not many places to eat near the scenic spot. You can choose to take a taxi to Baolong City Plaza or Quanshun Shopping Center. You can also learn about Luoyang’s commercial culture.

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