Luoyang Ancient Art Museum Introduction

· Luoyang Ancient Art Museum is the largest tomb museum in China and the first tomb museum in the world.

· The museum is composed of three typical exhibition areas: the typical tomb exhibition area of the past, the Northern Wei Emperor’s Mausoleum exhibition area and the ancient tomb Danqing essence exhibition.

· The museum houses dozens of burial chambers in various periods in ancient China, all relocated from the original site, and restored and exhibited in the form of tombs underground.

· Here you can learn about the internal environment of the ancient tomb from a close range and multiple perspectives, including the tomb building and murals, unearthed cultural relics and cultural relics.

Add: No. 45 Airport Road, Old Town, Luoyang

Tickets: Free

Opening hours: Closed on Mondays, Opened on Tuesday to Sunday: 9: 00-17: 00 in summer and 9: 00-16: 30 in winter

Time reference: 1 hour

Luoyang shovel is a symbol of Chinese archeological drilling tools. It was first widely used in robbing tombs and later became an archeological tool. When the Chinese archeological delegation visited Albania in the early 1970s, it presented a hand-made Luoyang shovel. Well-known archeologist Wei Juxian used the Luoyang shovel in 1928 and then used it for archeological drilling. It played an important role in the excavation of ancient city sites such as the Yinxu in Anyang and the Yanshi Shang Dynasty Capital in Luoyang. effect. Today, learning to use Luoyang shovel to distinguish soil quality is the basic skill of every archeologist.

There are many poems in China describing Mangshan mountain. The ancient tombs are dotted with ancient burials.

Based on this, the special museum, Luoyang Ancient Art Museum, has the largest area, unique style, and the age, type and quantity of the ancient tombs.

China is a great sight. Therefore, the Luoyang Tomb Museum is one of the largest tomb museums in China, and it is also the first tomb museum in the world.


1. You can rent a self-guided tour guide at the door. It will be more interesting to listen to the explanation.

2. There is a mural exhibition hall behind the museum. Interested friends can also visit.

3. Jingling opening hours are uncertain, please pay attention to ask staff.

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