Shaolin Monastery Introduction

· Shaolin Temple is the ancestral home of Zen Buddhism in China. It is a well-known Buddhist temple in China and the birthplace of Shaolin Kongfu.

· Today’s Shaolin Temple is always famous for its ancient Buddhist culture, and for its superb and practical Shaolin martial arts.

· The Shaolin Temple building complex mainly includes resident Tallinn, the first ancestors, and Dharma cave. It is a typical alternative style of Han Dynasty.

· Since the movie “Shaolin Temple” was broadcast in the 1980s, Shaolin Kung Fu has become famous all over the world. Here you can learn the life of the Shaolin Temple monks.

Add: Songshan Shaolin Scenic Area, Dengfeng

Tickes: ¥ 120

Opening hours: 8: 00-18: 00

Time reference: 4 hours

In 1982, a movie “Shaolin Temple” starring Jet Li was released, which made people crazy at that time. Now Shaolin Temple is a feeling of parents when they are young. Shaolin Temple is located in Dengfeng City, Henan Province. It was built in the 19th year of the Northern Wei Dynasty (495 years). Emperor Xiaowen Emperor Xiaowen settled on the north foot of Songshan Shaoshan Mountain facing the capital Luoyang. Cheng is named “Shaolin Temple” because it is located in the dense jungle of Shaoshan Mountain in Songshan Mountain.

The Shaolin Temple often has a hospital area of about 57600 square meters, occupying an important position in the history of Chinese Buddhism, and is known as the “first place in the world”. Shaolin Temple has two cultures, namely Zen Buddhism culture and Shaolin martial arts culture. They are static and inseparable. When you visit Shaolin Temple, you must pay attention to the free Kung Fu performances in the scenic area.

Entering the Shaolin Temple, there is no legendary commercialization, only the old tree of the previous year tells the history and vicissitudes here.

Pagoda forest is the largest stupa complex in China. This is the place where previous monks of Shaolin Temple died and buried. The movie “Shaolin Temple” has a lot of scenes here.


1. Tickets include Yanwu Hall, Permanent Residence, Tallinn and Sanhuangzhai. Pay attention to the performance time of Yanwu Hall

2. Decide whether to visit Sanhuangzhai according to physical strength and time, 100 yuan / person for the round-trip cableway

3. It is recommended to walk into the scenic area in turn, and return to Tallinn. There is a scenic vehicle of 15 yuan per person.

4. There is a Shaolin Pharmacy at the entrance of the resident hospital for free medical treatment, and health medicines inside can be purchased with confidence.

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