Luoyang local people show you around – Baiyuan

Located on the pipa peak of Dongshan mountain in Longmen Grottoes, it is the cemetery of Bai Juyi, a famous poet of Tang Dynasty. Baiyuan is built on the mountain, beautiful and elegant. There are more than 10 small scenic spots in the park, including Tingyi Pavilion, paradise of music, poetry Gallery, tomb area, Japanese Calligraphy Gallery, Daoshi bookstore, etc.

When you enter the gate of Baiyuan, you can go up to the “listening to Yi” Pavilion at the mountainside. This is where Bai Juyi and his friends Yuanzhen and Liu Yuxi play chess, drink and discuss poetry in their later years. Then there is “paradise of music”. The statue of Bai Juyi is in the hall. Standing in front of the hall, you can deeply recall the connotation of the poet’s original work “constant water in front of the door, how tall trees are on the wall, bamboo path around the lotus pond, lingering for more than 100 steps”.

After visiting the statue of the great poet, you can reach the top of Pipa peak along the stone steps on the right, on which is Bai Juyi’s cemetery. In front of the tomb, there are three large stone steles, one of which is engraved with six words “Tomb of Tang Shaofu Bai”. Surrounded by cypresses, the cemetery feels solemn and solemn.

There are 38 stone steles in the poem Gallery of the park, which are written by famous Chinese and foreign scholars. The lines, grass, Zhuan, Li and other fonts are complete. You can not only appreciate Bai Juyi’s masterpieces, but also appreciate the beauty of calligraphy art. The Japanese Calligraphy Gallery is built for the exchange of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, mostly the works of contemporary Japanese calligraphy masters.

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