Luoyang Ruins of Sui and Tang Dynasty, Mingtang and Tiantang

Luoyang City National Heritage Park in Sui and Tang dynasties used to be the core area of palace sites in Sui, Tang, Five Dynasties and Song Dynasty, among which Mingtang and heaven in Wu Zetian period were famous. Ming hall, located on the axis of Luoyang City in Sui and Tang Dynasties, is the main hall of the palace city, and also the important place where Emperor Gaozong and Empress Wu ruled the world and took charge of the state affairs. In 2013, the prototype of Tongtian futu in the film “empire of Di Renjie” directed by Tsui Hark is here.

Heaven is the place where Wu Zetian worships the Buddha. The building has five floors in appearance and nine floors in the interior, which symbolizes the supreme position of the emperor’s ninth five. Tourists can take the elevator to the ninth floor, overlooking the panoramic view of Luoyang, and the night scene is not to be missed. There are also large and small Buddha statues and murals on other floors. You can learn about the profound Buddhist culture.

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