Take you to the second floor of Luoyang Museum treasure house

Treasure hall is a special exhibition, located on the second floor of the exhibition hall. The exhibition featured excellent collection of antiques in the past. Among them, the most impressive are the white jade cups of the period of Cao Wei and the clay sculptures of the period of Northern Wei.

White jade Cup:

The jade is of excellent quality, without any ornamentation, with smooth lines, and even more extraordinary. It was unearthed in the only Tomb of the Cao Wei Dynasty with a definite chronology, which has important academic value. It is processed from Hetian white jade in Xinjiang. The cup body is well polished without any decoration. It is in line with the social atmosphere of advocating simplicity and nature at that time. It is the best jade in the Three Kingdoms period of China.

Clay sculptures:

The most exquisite sculptures unearthed from the tower base site of Yongning Temple, the royal temple of the Northern Wei Dynasty are incomplete, but the mysterious and beautiful smile of the statues still wear for thousands of years, moving today and known as the “Venus of the East”

In addition to these Luoyang museums, there are also pottery figurine tubes of the Han and Tang Dynasties, three color Museum of the Tang Dynasty, stone carving Museum, painting and calligraphy Museum, peony Art Museum and so on. These exhibitions truly represent the superb skills of various crafts, performances and arts at that time. Depicting the various life forms of ancestors thousands of years ago.

The museum represents the development degree of a city, a region and even a country’s political, economic, cultural and civilization. It carries too much cultural connotation, which is an important part of the knowledge system of universal education and enlightening the mind. It is not only a building, but also a window of a city and a concentrated embodiment of urban culture. If a city has no cultural soul, it will become an empty shell of reinforced concrete; if a city loses its cultural memory, it will become a space without life color.

Luoyang New Area museum not only shows us the rich historical and cultural heritage of Luoyang, but also shows the cultural heritage of the ancient city of Luoyang in the museum building itself. It complements the nearby Sui and Tang Heritage Park and creates a rich cultural feast for us.

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