Yuntai Mountain Introduction

· It is located in the north of Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo City and has been selected by UNESCO as the first batch of world geoparks in the world.

· The terrain in the scenic area is complex, the climate varies with the mountain, the springs are rich, the vegetation is lush, and there are more than 500 species of various trees and exotic flowers.

· Inside are the main attractions such as Hongshixia, Quanpuxia, Tanpuxia, Diecai Cave, Zhuyu Peak, Wanshan Temple, and Fenglinxia.

· The main peak Zhuyu Peak is 1,314 meters above sea level, overlooking the Huaichuan Plain. Yuntai Mountain has a 314-meter Yuntai waterfall, which is one of the largest falls found in China.

· There is also an ancient temple built in the Wanli years of the Ming Dynasty—Wanshan Temple. The name of the temple is Emperor Shenzong of the Ming Dynasty, and you can pray and burn incense.

Tickes: ¥ 150

Add: Yuntaishan Scenic Area, Jiaozuo

Opening hours: —

Time reference: 6 hours

As a classic gallery of northern mountains and rivers, Yuntai Mountain has absolutely unique advantages. Everyone knows that mountains and rivers live by water, and mountains and rivers are beautiful. For unique geographical reasons, Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area has abundant water resources, Hongshixia Spring Waterfall Gorge, Tan Waterfall Gorge, and Ofang Lake. Here you can see flowing water and beautiful mountains. Of course, mountain climbing enthusiasts can go to Zhutai Peak, the main peak of Yuntai Mountain, to experience the poet Wang Wei’s writing. Far away knowing that the brothers climbed to the heights, the unique feelings of one lesser dogwood were interspersed.

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