The most complete Luoyang peony tour guide

Luoyang peony only lasts for one month, generally divided into three periods on April 10th and 20th. The flower-viewing spots are in the major parks in Luoyang. So which park should I visit in each period? A table chart tells you.

Garden & TimeFirst Flowering Peony
(Apr 1-10)
Full Bloom Peony
(Apr 11-20)
Late Flowering Peony
(Apr 21-30)
Wangcheng Peony Garden
Shenzhou Peony Garden
Sui & Tang Dynasties Ruins Peony Garden
China National Peony Garden
International Peony Garden
National Peony Garden

Shenzhou Peony Garden – just opposite Baima Temple

Opposite the White Horse Temple, the Shenzhou Peony Garden has a strong cultural atmosphere. There are many Tang-style buildings and large-scale cultural performances on the subject of peony. The peony garden consists of the peony cultural area, the high-tech four season peony display area, the peony leisure area, the peony viewing area, and the commercial peony comprehensive area. The park has hundreds of millions of years of natural formation of the world’s rare peony stone, 300-year-old peony king, the world’s longest 100-meter national promenade-Tang Sancai peony mural and the world’s largest statue of Ouyang Xiu.

Sui & Tang Dynasties Ruins Peony Garden – the largest variety of peony

-Sui & Tang Dynasties Ruins Peony Garden was founded in December 2005 and is an important place for tourists and citizens to enjoy flower viewing and leisure.

-The botanical garden has 17 specialized parks, of which Qianzi Peony Garden covers an area of 327 acres. It is composed of Bai Garden, Jiu Se Garden, Characteristic Park and Science and Technology Demonstration Park. It has planted more than 1,200 varieties of peony in nine major colors.

-In addition, there are more than 20 leisure and entertainment plazas, with different forms and unique shapes. More than 30 sets of pavilions and galleries reflect it, reflecting the architectural style of the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

China National Peony Garden – the most convenient transportation, peony special ornamental garden

-The China National Peony Garden is located on the site of the ancient city of Luonan, Sui and Tang Dynasties, and is currently the largest peony garden in China.

–The garden is based on the history and culture of Sui and Tang Dynasties, and the main content of peony culture is the integration of historical culture, peony culture and garden landscape, which fully displays the beauty, cleanliness, and seclusion of peony.

-More than 1,000 varieties of peony are currently planted in the garden, which is the largest area of multi-variety peony gardens that can be seen in Luoyang in the early days.

Wangcheng Park – the largest comprehensive park

· Built in 1955, it is named after being built on the site of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. It is the largest comprehensive park in Luoyang.

· The park is composed of ancient cultural area, peony flower garden, animal museum and other parts. It has a deep traditional mood and a strong modern atmosphere.

· During the annual Peony Festival, Wangcheng Park is the best place to enjoy flowers in the ancient city.

International Peony Garden – many varieties of foreign peony

The International Peony Garden is the largest late flower peony garden and the Sino-foreign Peony Garden in the Central Plains. It is composed of Huaxia Garden, Wanfang Garden, Fairview Park, Jiusi Garden and Peony Garden. There are more than 300 domestic and foreign precious varieties of peony in the park, but the flowering period is later, 7-10 days later than the urban viewing time, and 3-5 days later than other peony gardens on Laoshan. after that. In addition, there are more than 300 kinds of peony in the garden, which is also the largest peony ornamental garden in China. It is worth a visit.

National Peony Garden – Late Opening Peony Ornamental Site

· The Peony Garden is divided into the South District and the North District. The famous Sui Dynasty Xiyuan Relic “Millennium Peony King” is located in the southern area of the Peony Garden and is the “living fossil” of Luoyang Peony.

· The architecture in the garden inherits the charm of Sui Dynasty Xiyuan and Tang Dynasty Shenduyuan. The four seasons are like spring, and all kinds of flowers are beautiful. At any time, you can enjoy the beauty of the peony.

· Every year in April (the flowering period of the peony flower) is open to the public, the rest of the time will not receive ordinary tourists.

Bai juyi (1) Car Rental (1) China War God (1) Dingdingmen (3) Dried Lacquer Statues (1) Erlitou Site Museum (1) Fengxian Temple (1) Guanlin Temple (2) Guanyu (1) Heluo Culture (1) Kung Fu (3) Lijingmen (1) Longmen Grottoes (47) luoyang (5) Luoyang Ancient Art Museum (2) Luoyang Museum (32) luoyang old street (1) Luoyang Peony Festival (39) Luoyang Restaurant (6) Luoyang Shovel (1) luoyang tourism (23) Mingtang (13) Pagoda Forest (8) Qiyun Pagoda (1) Shaolin Temple (30) Sui Dynasty (1) Tang Dynasty (3) Tiantang (3) Water Banquet (1) White Garden (1) White Horse Temple (21) Wu Zetian (3) Xia Dynasty Capital (1) Xiangshan Temple (3) Yingtianmen (2) Yongning Pagoda (1) Yuntai Mountain (29)

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